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TOPIC: An Allergics Struggle

An Allergics Struggle 13 years 8 months ago #1

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A lovely lady named Ena Bowles sent me the following poem and asked me to post it on the site. The poem is in the form of a dialogue with her not so understanding doctor when she presented her symptoms of environmental illness.

Ena also sent me a fantastic account of her experience with multiple food and chemical sensitivities which was originally published in the magazine of the British Allergy Foundation (now Allergy UK). You can read the article here.

On behalf of Ena and myself I hope you enjoy the poem. I'm sure the scenario will sound very familiar!

An Allergic's Struggle

Please doctor, I'm sure that something's quite wrong,
I really don't think I'm neurotic -
Of course not my dear, nobody thinks that,
Here, try this new antibiotic.

Honestly, really, it's headaches as well,
And I feel I can't bear them much longer -
Well just take these tablets, see how you go on
And I'm sure that you'll soon be much stronger.

I'm not actually weak, just lousy all over
And tired so much of the time -
Perhaps if you don't think about it so much
You'd then find you're soon feeling fine.

But doctor, why have I felt ill for so long,
And nauseous all this past year?
Maybe you're depressed and worry too much,
I'm certain there's nothing to fear.

I hate to insist - but I still feel so sick,
All the pills have helped little or none -
Do you feel a bit low? You look a bit low,
Let's try the first ones once again.

I don't feel a bit LOW, I feel a lot ILL,
And as grotty all over as hell!
Well give these first ones yet another short try,
And perhaps then you'll soon be quite well.

But the asthma's increased, and I feel much more ill
From inhalers and drugs, and each \"course\" -
WELL, if you are saying that what I prescribe
is actually making you WORSE.......

Ena Bowles
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If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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Re:An Allergics Struggle 13 years 8 months ago #2

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Ena. What a wonderful poem, it obviously tells the tale which many suffers have been through and will continue to go through until the whole medical profession come to recognize the problems that are associated with MODERN living.
By that I mean the chemicals that are put into our food, clothing, domestic cleaning products and the air just to mention a few.
Keep up the good work.
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Re:An Allergics Struggle 13 years 5 months ago #3

  • Wilkerson
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Hi Maff thats a very nice poem Ena Bowles has sent you. I also want to share something here. As we all know that today the whole world is facing environmental problems. This is a serious issue. I’ve always had a great interest to eradicate this problem. Well, there is a site which is promoting environmental growth by raising funds from individuals, schools & businesses. If u’d like to b a part of it and wish to contribute your valuable ideas then please visit the website mentioned in my signatures. I’d really appreciate ur inputs towards building a better environment around us.

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