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TOPIC: Sick Bldg and autoimmune Graves' Disease

Sick Bldg and autoimmune Graves' Disease 13 years 3 weeks ago #1

Ok, so, related to my last post, re. Graves' Disease... I'm wondering if my workplace might have made me sick. That and/or all the new stuff in my apt.

The thing is I read several articles about PBDEs, which are in flame retardants, and which cause hyperthyroidism in Cats! And some humans. I wondered if it could be my problem.

I started having symptoms last year sometime, in the summer, and blood levels showed too high in Sept. 08, but I didn't get treated until I ended up at emergency on Dec 7, 08.

Over the preceding year or two, I was exposed to what could have caused my sickness. I don't know, I'm trying to figure this out. Here is what happened:

In July 08, I moved to an apartment with new carpets, floors, and other furnishings. I bought a new bed, and a new car (1 yr old). All these things would have fire retardants in them I think.

In Oct 07 - Dec 08, I taught all day in a room with no windows, very little air flow, newish carpet, new tables and chairs, new paint on the walls, new carpet in the hall outside my classroom.

Jan 09, I moved to a classroom in an old bldg, but with new floors, new walls, new carpet throughout the hall and offices outside my classroom. Windows, but only one opens and just a crack. It's hot water heat so there is not much air circulation.

My room is on the second floor. On the first floor they had mould in the ceiling, cockroaches that were killed with chemicals, ancient carpet with mould, I imagine, too. This was all taken apart from about Nov 08 to present. So the dust and mould likely is flying around everywhere. It was so dusty. People had to keep sweeping. It was like the Great Depression! (I live in the Dust Bowl).

During these renos, in Dec., I got sick and had to be off for a week. The meds stabilised me enough to go back.

In March 09, they told me to stop the meds for a week, to take a scan of my thyroid. After that, the meds were not enough, and I've been sick and off work since then.

I went to a sick highschool, and there was a lawsuit against the school board in the late 90s. An environmental assessment was done on it, and they recommended a lot of changes that were not done. Anyway, I read it today so I could see what substances I would have taken in by going to my highschool. [fungi, mould, hydrocarbons - it was a waste site for oil and was not cleaned up before they build the school, material from 2000 rodents, flies, crickets, heavy metals, water leakage, air intake beside exhaust chimneys, covered exhaust vents and other problems]

That is why I started thinking about the conditions at my work place. We have bad seals on the windows, cold and hot, cold and hot. Mould, probably fungi, maybe bugs, deteriorating bldg material, and other stuff circulating around. Not to mention germs from 150 people. Water stains indicating leakage, pigeons roosting on the windows and roof, maybe at the entrance of our air intake vents, who knows!

Who do I talk to about this? Occupational health and safety? Are there gov't departments that deal with this? I'm in Canada, but if you only know about US methods, please tell me anyway as it may give a guideline or be similar.

Do you think this is why I have an autoimmune disorder and why my hormones are out of whack and why I'm chronically exhausted, but with periods of normalcy in between?

Our organization is planning to take over the building in a few years. Should I write and warn them about the problems at my highschool, and that they should have it checked out before they take over care of the bldg? I am concerned they will close us down if inspectors come in.

But if that is what's making me sick, maybe it needs to be closed down, because, come to think of it, I am not the only teacher to get sick there, and students get sick there too, but it could be an existing condition for them.

Peace, Rachel.<br /><br />Post edited by: rachelmacd, at: 2009/06/14 06:11
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Re:Sick Bldg and autoimmune Graves' Disease 13 years 3 days ago #2

  • lydoo
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Hi Rachel,

I'm in canada too and I was just diagnosed with Graves disease a few months ago.
I quickly was brought into RAI treatment.
I start to feel better but I'm wondering if that was the right choice, also I still wondered what caused it and can't find an answer.
I also work in a very old building, I never thought that could be the cause ???
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Re:Sick Bldg and autoimmune Graves' Disease 13 years 2 days ago #3

Lydoo, you are starting to feel better? Better enough to work and everything? That's good then.

Why are you wondering if you should have done it another way? Is there a problem?

Are you all better then?

The bldg could be involved. IT's hard to say what causes it.

Must go, there's a smell of smoke, I think the guy is bbqing next door! He does it with the window open. I'm always scared the carbon monoxide will come in. Got to go check it.

Good luck. Peace, Rachel
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Re:Sick Bldg and autoimmune Graves' Disease 13 years 2 days ago #4

The Cause of Graves Disease:

Svetla Bankova says that the reason we get Graves' Disease is psychological. It seems true in my case, so I am working on some of the things she wrote. ... well, I will post her message here - skip down to the \"four inabilities\" although I would say, these are four things we maybe have not learned to do - no one is unable to do them, we are all able to...still helpful to read it:

\"from Svetla of www.GravesDiseaseCure.com Being a psychologist almost all my life, I wasn't satisfied with the doctors \"no explanation\" of my disease. Why had this appeared in MY LIFE, and why exactly \"ME\" was a question that bothered me all the time. I HAD TO HAVE the answers of my questions, because I knew that if I didn't find out why this was happening, I believed the disease will come back again later and it could be even worse. I am sure that you are wondering also. And this is true- you have to find the core of your disease, in order to heal it. Otherwise, everything will be temporarily. I looked everywhere for answers and spent hours of researching and trying different methods, cures and remedies. Everything that I found and tried on myself I'll share with you. It's not just a theory. I tried that in practice and I know it is working. Now I strongly believe that there are reasons why this disease came in my life.

So this is what I have found:

Four reasons why YOU may develop Graves' Disease 1.Inability to speak up for yourself
2.Inability to be creative or lack of creativeness 3.Inability to ask for what you really want
4. Inability to make decisions based upon real needs and therefore creating a life style based upon these needs

Once you have realized what to do, it's easy to change. Everybody has different methods. To find more about methods that are universal, and you can try inyour life, check: www.gravesdiseasecure.com/mybook1.html I have included a lot of exercises, proven to work. Also, you maycheck here: www.gravesdiseasecure.com/balancelife.html Take care, Svetla BankovaCTACC, MBA in Counseling Psychology,former Graves' Disease patient About the author: Svetla Bankova is an author of \"Life Manual forGraves' Disease and Hyperthyroidism\"- a book, based not only onher experience as a former Graves' Disease patient but also herresearch as a psychologist. This is only book that explains stepby step how and why Graves' Disease/ Hyperthyroidism came to yourlife, the cause and specific steps for alternative treatment ofGraves' disease and Hyperthyroidism. The book provides alsospecific steps how to treat Hyperthyroidism numerous practicalexercises, diet, supplements and alternative approaches. To get your personal copy of \"Life Manual for Graves' Disease andHyperthyroidism\": www.gravesdiseasecure.com/mybook1.html If you are suffering from Thyroid Eye Disease, I have created anebook with all the methods and alternative therapies that helped mecure my Thyroid Eye Disease: www.gravesdiseasecure.com/thyroideyehealing.html Svetla Bankova1631 Sonya Dr, Marietta, GA 30066, USA
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Re:Sick Bldg and autoimmune Graves' Disease 13 years 2 days ago #5

  • Maff
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Welcome to the site both of you. It's great to see you helping each other out :)

Although I don't have Grave's disease, I have suffered from chronic illness (CFS, IBS, allergies etc) for 18 years since I was 12. I certainly believe both physical and psychological factors play a role in any disease and it's therefore important to tackle things from all angles.

Although I haven't come across any research specific to Grave's disease yet there is a lot of evidence that leaky gut syndrome (increased intestinal permeability) and gut dysbiosis (too few good bacteria, and too many pathogens) are linked to autoimmune disease.

A research abstract I added to the site this week suggests in fact that a leaky gut is a requirement for autoimmune disease to develop:


I'd therefore suggest you have a look at information relating to leaky gut syndrome and gut dysbiosis and how they are treated as well as going down the psychological route. All the best on your journey back to health!

Leaky gut Syndrome

Gut Dysbiosis
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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Re:Sick Bldg and autoimmune Graves' Disease 13 years 2 days ago #6

Oh, interesting, Maff! (Interesting name, too, you are the first Maff I've ever met :)) Thanks for the good suggestions.

Actually, my naturopath, when she heard I was having thyroid problems and autoimmune things, she put me on an anti-candida diet, to bring the intestinal flora back into balance and get the toxic load off my system. Apparently that can sometimes cause things to go all wonky.

I also have IBS, allergies, chemical sensitivities and so on.

Can you tell more about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? I seem to be chronically fatigued... in a syndrome like way... ;) But actually, it's in installments. I am exhausted for one to a few hours, then I'm ok for one to a few hours and can get stuff done and enjoy doing things during that time. Repeat.

What causes it? What has helped you?

I will check the links re. the gut, and get some ideas. My naturopath put me on a diet: no sugar, wheat, salt, refined or processed foods, or anything prepackaged. All fresh foods, cooked at home. I was off fruit for awhile, but I'm back on it, and actually, I went away for my cousin's wedding last week, so got off the diet completely. Should restart again now. I feel so much better ON the diet.

On a personal note, Maff, are you near Leeds, there in North Yorkshire? I was born in Leeds! Came to Canada at the young age of 5 weeks.

Peace and healing to you all. Rachel<br /><br />Post edited by: rachelmacd, at: 2009/07/04 23:25
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