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Ecos Atmosphere Purifying Paint Maff Hot

Written by Maff     September 05, 2008    
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This revolutionary matt wall paint absorbs and neutralizes chemicals and pollutants, solvents and VOC's from the atmosphere in your home down to approx. one part per million. The air in your home can be 70x more polluted than the outdoors - a cocktail of solvents and chemicals like formaldehyde* from sources such as carpets, furnishings, M.D.F. some paints and lacquers, cleaning products, personal products, aerosols etc.


The special silicate ingredients in ECOS ATMOSPHERE absorbs and neutralizes those pollutants permanently and is not exhausted within the average redecorating schedules of approx. five years. Unlike air purifying units it requires no power supply, maintenance or filters, simply apply as normal wall paint and when dry, it will absorb pollutants 24 hours a day all year round. Absorbs 98-99% of volatile pollutants down to approx. one part per million (Gas chromatographic data).


Ideal for asthmatics and those with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), allergies or chemical sensitivities.


*Formaldehyde is a carcinogen with mutagenic effects (causes birth defects) Other solvents have many effects including brain, liver,nerve and kidney damage & respiratory effects.


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