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EIR Reviews Home & Garden Paint Ecos EMR-ELF Radiation Shielding Wallpaint

Ecos EMR-ELF Radiation Shielding Wallpaint Maff Hot
Written by Maff     September 05, 2008    
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Shielding wallpaint is a permanent wall treatment that gives up to 99% shielding against ELF/VLF/EMR radiations and needs no special equipment or expertise; it gives permanent shielding forever and is intended to be over - painted: the paint colour is dark grey and is not intended to be a decorative finish:- it can be overcoated with any of our wall paints.


ECOS EMR/ELF - (once overpainted) - can also be overcoated with wallpaper.
Coverage - applied with a gloss roller or short pile roller - on a flat non porous surface coverage is approx. 14m² /L per coat:- one 5L can should be sufficient for an "average" sized room (14 x 12 x 8 ft.)
Two medium coats are better than one thick coat for shielding efficiency. * NB: many competitor's anti-EMR paints cover as little as 3m² per litre !


For ultimate efficiency, the walls, ceilings and floors should all be painted, but often this is neither possible nor necessary - if you are unsure please ask our Technical Department for advice.


In addition to home use, ECOS ELF EMR wallpaint may also be beneficial in industrial applications - computer rooms, hospital IC units and other facilities where EMR from mobile phones etc is problematic.


Available in 1L and 5L packs. Independently tested by POWERWATCH in 2005 to give 99% shielding of microwave energy at the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz mobile phone bands.


NOTE: most modern TV equipment has an external aerial and so reception is not affected by the use of this paint which can affect reception to indoor TV/radio aerials.


This NEW super - conductive wallpaint uses non toxic nickel pigment to provide a shield against electrical radiations in the home and workplace - and like all ECOS products is entirely odourless and solvent - free.


Electrical radiations - ( ELF/VLF/EMR pollutions) - arise from many sources - mobile phone masts, Tetra masts, overhead electricity pylons, microwave and cellular telephone installations, TV and radio masts, electrical appliances of all sorts including mobile phones, hairdryers, TV and radio sets, mobile masts, refrigerators, cookers, washing machines, computers, etc.and has also been linked to "Geopathic stress." Brick and concrete walls are no barrier to EMR-ELF radiation and next door's TV set or microwave oven could be just feet away from your head!


Electrical AND electromagnetic radiations have been researched for many years as possible causes of ill-health, but remain problematic and contentious - overhead pylons for example, have been linked to childhood leukaemia and lung cancer, but the link is as yet unproven.
Other illnesses which are thought may be linked to ELF OR EMR radiations include; immune system disorders, memory loss, allergies, depression, colonic complaints. Candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, reduced fertility, Alzheimer's disease, altered brain function, brain tumours, disturbed sleep patterns and miscarriage.


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