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EIR Reviews Household Cleaning Products Bathroom Cleaners Clorox Green Works Natural Bathroom Cleaner

Clorox Green Works Natural Bathroom Cleaner Maff Hot
Written by Maff     August 12, 2008    
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From the Makers of Clorox® Products. Green Works™ - powerful, natural cleaners without harsh chemical fumes!


Our products harness their cleaning power form the most effective natural sources, such as:


  • Coconut-based cleaning agent
  • Essential lemon oils
  • Filtered water


Green Works™ . . .taking steps toward a happy, healthy world! Our products are not tested on animals.


Green Works™ Natural Bathroom Cleaner works on tough stains such as soap scum, hard water and rust, and is safe on multiple bathroom surfaces, including counters, sinks, tubs, tiles and shower doors.


Green Works™ products contain biodegradable ingredients: nonionic surfactant and ethanol. Contains no phosphorus. Contains no bleach.


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