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Clorox Green Works Natural Dilutable Cleaner Maff Hot

Written by Maff     August 13, 2008    
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From the Makers of Clorox® Products


Green Works™ - powerful, natural cleaners without harsh chemical fumes!


Our products harness their cleaning power form the most effective natural sources, such as:


  • Coconut-based cleaning agent
  • Corn-based alcohol
  • Essential lemon oils
  • Filtered water


Green Works™ . . .taking steps toward a happy, healthy world! Our products are not tested on animals.


Green Works™ Natural Dilutable Cleaner works on grease, grime and dirt, and is safe on multiple surfaces throughout the kitchen and bathroom, including non-wood floors, counters, sinks, stoves, garbage cans and toilets.


Green Works™ products contain biodegradable ingredients: nonionic surfactant and ethanol. Contains no phosphorus. Contains no bleach.


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