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EIR Reviews Household Cleaning Products Laundry Detergent Bi-O-Kleen Free And Clear Laundry Powder Unscented

Bi-O-Kleen Free And Clear Laundry Powder Unscented Maff Hot
Written by Maff     August 12, 2008    
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Tough on Dirt, Gentle on the Earth. Allergen Fighting Formula.


3X more concentrated. 100 loads.


The perfect laundry system. Biokleen™ products have always been free of synthetic fragrances and clear of dyes or brighteners, making our products a safe and effective choice for those with chemical sensitivities and allergies. There are some people who cannot tolerate any fragrance, natural or not, making our Free & Clear Laundry Powder a perfect alternative. You get the same cleaning power as our original Laundry Powder, and like all of our products, is super concentrated.


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