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EIR Reviews Household Cleaning Products Window & Glass Cleaners method Best In Glass, Planet Friendly Glass Cleaner, Mint

method Best In Glass, Planet Friendly Glass Cleaner, Mint Maff Hot
Written by Maff     August 15, 2008    
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Non-toxic Clean | Planet Friendly Glass Cleaner


  • People friendly: You say you don't do windows? We bet you won't resist once you get a whiff of this minty fresh, non-toxic, ammonia-free glass cleaner. Breathe easy.
  • Glass friendly: We think streaking is a very dirty concept. Clean your glass in a jiffy without leaving a trace. No streaks. No smudges. No dirty conscience.
  • Planet friendly: What goes around comes around, like this bottle. It's made from other bottles. 100% recyclable. Keep it going.
  • Easy to use: Spray. Wipe. Admire your reflection. Puts a shine on glass, plastic and smooth surfaces.


Made by and for people against dirty™. Never tested on animals. Recycle for good karma.


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