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Early autism detection techniques under development


Researchers are using 3D imaging techniques in an attempt to detect early differences between autistic and healthy children.

Scientists at the University of Missouri in the US hope that their work will lead to the development of tests for the early detection of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).

Autism is a developmental disorder which affects a child's ability to socialise, relate to others and communicate and also leads to other behavioural difficulties. Cases are thought to be on the rise with most estimates suggesting 1 child in 150 now has some form of ASD.

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Nutricia Partners With Autism Speaks


(Press Release)

Nutricia North America announced its support of Autism Speaks, the nation's leading non-profit organization dedicated to autism awareness.

"Autism Speaks is grateful for the support of Nutricia," said Scott Leibowitz, national director of corporate relations for Autism Speaks. "The support of organizations like Nutricia is critical to raising funds for important research into the causes, prevention, treatments and cure for autism."

Under the agreement, Nutricia will sponsor 26 Walk Now for Autism events nationwide. The grassroots program is a signature fundraising event for Autism Speaks.

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Study links mercury exposure to increased incidence of autism


A large review of vaccination and medical records has revealed a significant link between exposure to mercury in vaccines and the incidence of neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism.

A possible link between autism and mercury exposure from the preservative thimerosal in vaccines remains highly controversial.

Thimerosal has now been removed from most childhood vaccines yet autism rates appear to continue their rise. Some commentators have suggested this completely exonerates thimerosal (and even mercury in general) from any role in autism.

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Autism helped by transcranial magnetic stimulation


Researchers report that the magnetic therapy is showing promise in reducing the symptoms of autism.

The University of Louisville, Kentucky reports that researchers there are seeing positive results using transcranial magnetic stimulation to treat those with autism. The therapy involves exposing the patient's head to a pulsed low-frequency magnetic field.

Manuel Casanova and his research team placed a coil on the scalps of 10 people with autism to create a low-frequency magnetic field, which they then pulsed by reversing the field’s polarity. Patients were given a 20-minute treatment twice a week for five weeks.

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Jenny McCarthy describes autism as an environmental illness


The actress discussed how she was able to help her autistic son using alternative medicine treatments in an op/ed piece for CNN.

In the piece written in support of World Autism Day on Wednesday, April 2nd, the 35 year old Hollywood star talked about her son Evan's recovery from autism and the treatments which she says made it happen.

The actress started by clarifying what she means when she says Evan has 'recovered'.

"when we say "recovering" from autism. They confuse the word recover with cure. While you may not be able to cure an injury caused in a terrible car accident, you can recover."

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