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Jenny McCarthy links sons autism to vaccinations and Candida


Jenny McCarthy has said in an interview that she believes her son's autism was triggered by vaccinations he received as a baby and that an anti-fungal diet is primarily responsible for the remarkable improvement in his condition.

Jenny made the comments in a recent television interview with Larry King. Her son Evan was diagnosed with autism in 2005 at the age of 3. The actress/model's appearance coincides with the release of her book about her experiences with Evan, 'Louder than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism'.

Jenny explained: “A lot of these kids have Candida, which is overgrowth of yeast. After I cleaned out Evan’s Candida - and I’m going to say this very clearly - he became typical.”

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New thimerosal study finds no link to autism but questions remain


Researchers say there is no link between mercury containing preservative thimerosal used in children's vaccines and autism, but is this the right question to ask?

The new research published in The New England Journal of Medicine does not investigate the effects of thimerosal on the developing brain drirectly but instead looks for an association between early exposure to the preservative in vaccines and how children have developed at ages 7 to 10.

A seperate study being carried out by the CDC is looking for more direct links between thimerosal and autism but results aren't expected to be releaed until next year. The current research was also conducted by CDC researchers in association with several managed-care organizations.

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Thimerosal removed from vaccine amid autism fears


GlaxoSmithKline removes the mercury containing preservative from childhood vaccine due to parents fears over safety.

The company is Europe's biggest pharmaceutical company and, like most drug makers, has for a long time added the mercury containing preservative thimerosal to its vaccines to promote the growth of bacteria and fungi.

However, the company now plans to begin selling a new formula of its Pediarix vaccine for children that does not contain thimerosal. Pediarix is a 5 in 1 combination vaccine given in three doses at 2, 4, and 6 months of age, and is designed to protect infants from diphtheria, tetanus, polio, whooping cough and hepatitis B. It is the only combination vaccine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US and has been on the market in its original formulation since 2003, with around 21 million doses having been given since then.

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Pros and Cons of Chelation Therapy for Autism and Environmental Illness


Chelation therapy is a popular and often effective therapy used to treat autistic children and people suffering from environmental illnesses. New research proves its effectiveness but warns of the dangers of the therapy when used inappropriately.

Research carried out at Cornell University in the United States and published in a recent issue of Environmental Health Perspectives shows that chelation therapy can significantly reduce learning and behavioral problems that result from lead exposure. The researchers warn however that when no lead is present in the body, chelation therapy can actually cause similar symptoms to lead poisoning.

Chelation therapy, pronounced "kee-ley-shun", is a treatment aimed at removing toxic heavy metals from the body that may be causing or contributing to disease. The therapy uses specific chemicals, known as chelating agents or chelators, that are able to bind to heavy metals and carry them out of the body.

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President Bush Signs The Combating Autism Act


This week President George W. Bush signed the Combating Autism Act paving the way for increased efforts to seek out causes and improve education about the condition which affects 1 million Americans.

Early in December the US House of Representatives passed this important act, as the Senate had done earlier. Now the final hurdle has been overcome as President Bush has put his signature to it.

The Combating Autism Act should see a long overdue increase in efforts to tackle autism, the incidence of which has increased tenfold over the last few decades. The act mainly focuses on increased research into the causes of the condition and better education, rather than providing therapies, however. Parents of autistic children will be further frustrated by the focus on future generations rather than efforts to help their already sick children. That said, the act will be considered good news by almost everyone.

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