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The VegEPA for ME Scheme now has its own website




The VegEPA for ME Scheme founded by Lynne Kersh enables ME/CFS patients to get the VegEPA supplement at a discounted price whilst also generating funds for research into this debilitating condition from every purchase. Their new website provides an easy way to benefit from the scheme.

Lynne set about organizing the scheme after a relative showed significant improvements in her condition after taking the ultra pure essential fatty acid supplement VegEPA, which is currently generating much interest amongst chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) patients, their carers, and doctors. Indeed, Lynne's family member is not the only one to have benefited. A quick search of CFS/ME support forums on the the internet reveals numerous positive reports from patients using the supplement.

Lynne managed to arrange a deal with Igennus Ltd, the Cambridge, England based company that manufactures VegEPA. Rather than paying the RRP of £11.95, members of the VegEPA for ME Scheme can buy each pot for £8.50, which includes free shipping to mainland UK (£3 to EU and £5 to rest of the world). What's more, £0.50 from each pot sold goes to funding research through the UK charity - ME Research UK. This charitable organization raises money through various means to directly fund research into the causes, consequences, and potential treatment of CFS/ME.

Until now Lynne has run the scheme using printed order forms but this method has become too much work to handle. The scheme's membership has grown rapidly to more than 650 through word of mouth and media attention, and has raised over £2500 for research in only 7 months. Naturally Lynne has now turned to the internet to make running the scheme easier for both herself and those wanting to benefit from the scheme.

Not only does the new website make ordering VegEPA simple and secure by using WorldPay to handle payments, it also provides a number of other benefits. Visitors can keep up to date on how much has been raised and the research projects the money will be supporting. Members can also find answers to any questions they may have about their VegEPA supplements, such as correct dosage and how long to wait before they should expect to see the benefits.

So what exactly IS VegEPA?

VegEPA is a clinical grade omega fatty acid supplement, developed by pioneering researcher Professor Basant Puri. Each VegEPA capsule contains 280mg of the omega-3 fatty acid EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and 100mg of the omega-6 fatty acid GLA (gamma-linolenic acid).

Through a series of research studies Prof. Puri refined the types and amounts of different fatty acids and found that this combination was by far the most effective at treating chronic fatigue syndrome (and a number of other conditions such as depression and ADHD).

Omega-3 fatty acids are incorporated into cell membranes and are essential for proper functioning of receptors for hormones and other chemicals. They are also the starting point of many essential hormone like substances themselves. The western diet is typically very low in Omega-3 fatty acids and CFS/ME sufferers in particular are usually deficient for a number of reasons, such as chronic viral infections. The brain is mainly composed of fat and it is vital for brain function that these are the right fats. Omega-3 fatty acids in particular are of great importance for the efficient functioning of the brain.

A very important point to mention is that recent research performed by Prof. Puri and others has found that omega-3 fatty acid supplements work best for treating certain diseases (chronic fatigue syndrome, depression etc) when the ratio of EPA to DHA (another omega-3 fatty acid) is high. In fact Prof. Puri found that patients responded most when a supplement contained ONLY EPA with NO DHA. Important studies that led to this discovery were performed in Glasgow, Sheffield, and Hammersmith, all in the UK. VegEPA is currently the only supplement available that contains EPA with no DHA.

VegEPA is thought to work in a number of different ways to treat CFS/ME. Firstly, it is directly viricidal, meaning it kills viruses. CFS/ME is widely suspected to be caused in part by viral infection. Secondly, the supplement gradually replaces "bad" fats in the brain and other tissues with the healthy fats it contains, improving many symptoms, particularly mental and emotional symptoms such as brain fog and depression. VegEPA also promotes production of natural sleep regulating chemicals, helping patients get good quality sleep, something that they desperately need.

The VegEPA for ME Scheme Website:

To join the scheme or simply find out more, visit the new website at

You can also find out more by reading this outline of the scheme from Lynne herself - The Vegepa for ME Scheme


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People in this conversation

  • Hi Luke,

    Yes I've tried VegEPA at the dose recommended by Professor Puri for a number of months but didn't notice a change I'm afraid. I have a lot of issues that need resolving seperately however so I wasn't expecting a miracle cure. I have been ill for 18 years so there are secondary problems. I believe people who have been ill with ME/CFS for a shorter period of time would have more success.

    I would recommend anyone try it. I have read Professor Puri's books and research papers and believe EPA should have some benefit!

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