EIR: The American Chronicle reports on biased research being published about multiple chemical sensitivity which seeks to dismiss the condition as psychological.

Researcher Overlooks the Proven Science Behind Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Lourdes Salvador

It is disheartening when a researcher publishes a review which examines or attempts to prove a viewpoint about a condition that is contrary to literature at large. Das-Munshi J, Rubin GJ, and Wessely S (2007) of Kings College London, Institute of Psychiatry did just that in Multiple chemical sensitivities: review. Das-Munshi’s review looked mainly at psychological studies on MCS to support her viewpoint. She completely failed to consider the biological studies in literature, which outweigh psychological studies approximately 2:1. Her review was therefore incomplete, misleading, and inaccurate.

The first section "diagnosis and epidemiology" contradicts itself by using "absence of specific biological tests" to downplay the existence of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), while at the same time stating lymphocyte depletion and immunological differences present in MCS are also present in somatization disorders and depression, both of which also have an "absence of specific biological tests" themselves. By the authors implication that MCS does not exist, neither does somatization disorder or depression! In many cases, somatization disorder and depression are not actual mental illnesses, but rather symptoms caused by toxic chemical injury or an undiagnosed underlying medical condition and hence may have a biological origin.

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