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Genetic Heavy Metal Toxicity Maff Hot
Written by Maff     February 03, 2012    
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Explaining SIDS, Autism, Tourette's, Alzheimer's and Other Epidemics

by Tara Chapman


Something is dreadfully wrong. Of those who survive life in the womb, one out of two go on to have a serious defect, disease, or neurological disorder. Half the population! About 1 out of 500 babies dies of “SIDS,” while about 1 out of 150 develops autism. Many more have varying degrees of Tourette's syndrome, OCD, ADHD, or behavioral disorders. Alzheimer’s is an epidemic among the elderly. Depression, violence, and sleep disorders plague our society. Neurotoxicity reigns.

Heavy metals are likely the largest cause of the epidemic of neurological disorders. Yet, many claim our problems are only due to genetics. The truth is that these problems are the result of environmental factors, such as faulty lifestyle, yet environmental toxicity can be passed on from one generation to another. What we’re seeing is an epidemic of Genetic Heavy Metal Toxicity.

There are many names given for many different neurological “disorders,” yet they all share the same root causes, primarily of which is metal toxicity. Can this be stopped?


About the Author

Tara lives in the southwestern Missouri Ozarks with her husband and their two young sons. After leaving college herself, she worked at home as a writer and editor until her husband finished college. He now runs his own business, which allows Tara to be a full-time mother and home educator.


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