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Book Store & Reviews Related Conditions Books Seasonal Affective Disorder Winter Blues: Everything You Need to Know to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Winter Blues: Everything You Need to Know to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder Maff Hot
Written by Maff     October 19, 2009    
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Product Description


Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal's indispensable guide for readers who suffer from the "winter blues" is now more useful than ever. This authoritative book presents a wealth of new information on remedies for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), including recent advances in light therapy, research on the effectiveness of antidepressants, and new recipes to counterbalance unhealthy winter food cravings. Dr. Rosenthal distinguishes among various degrees of the disorder, ranging from winter blues to full-blown SAD; provides a self-test that readers can use to evaluate their own seasonal mood changes; and offers helpful advice, coping tips, and resources.



Editorial Reviews


"Dr. Rosenthal, a pioneering researcher who helped put seasonal depression on the map, is a also a gifted teacher and storyteller. What do simple algae, hibernating animals, and humans have in common? They all have internal rhythms that respond to the seasons. Follow Dr. Rosenthal as he explores the latest science and treatment of seasonal depression, illustrated with fascinating anecdotes and stories and delivered in his compulsively readable and eloquent style."--Richard A. Friedman, MD, Department of Psychiatry, Weill Medical College of Cornell University


“I consider Winter Blues to be the SAD bible. Dr. Rosenthal's brilliant research and words of wisdom have provided the nurturing help that so many people have sought when the change of seasons brings sadness instead of joy. This book is 'must' reading.”--Pamela Peeke MD, MPH, FACP, author of Body for Life for Women and Fight Fat After Forty


"The light therapy that Dr. Rosenthal recommends has made life worth living during December, January, February, and March for 14 years. I take care of my family, feel like a valuable person, and am a productive professional. Now his new chapter, 'Winter Light,' gives me a recipe for celebrating those once-dreaded months."--LaDonna Green Bates, MSW

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