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The epithelial gatekeeper against food allergy 3725
Allergy prevention 3668
Immunomodulation by food: promising concept for mitigating allergic disease? 3753
Characterization of the polysensitized patient: a matched case control study 4140
Effect of probiotic mix in the primary prevention of eczema 3534
Late onset of IgE sensitization to microbial allergens in young children with atopic dermatitis 3709
Health related quality of life of food allergic patients 3957
Low cost interventions improve indoor air quality and childrens health. 3876
Clinical reactivity to ingestion challenge with mixed mold extract 4160
Oral Treatment with Probiotics Reduces Allergic Symptoms in Ovalbumin Sensitized Mice 4299
Ambient Metals, Elemental Carbon, and Wheeze and Cough in New York City Children 4143
Exposure to Traffic Related Particles and Endotoxin During Infancy Is Associated With Wheezing 3630
Urinary nitric oxide excretion in infants with eczema 4096
Serum leptin and adiponectin levels correlate with severity of allergic rhinitis 4061
Hitting the Mucosal Road in Tolerance Induction 3765
Allergen Avoidance Approaches in Food Allergy Management 3627
Role of Dietary Immunomodulatory Factors in the Development of Immune Tolerance 3952
Severe asthma: how can we differentiate phenotypes? 3736
Association of pediatric asthma severity with exposure to common household dust allergens 4060
Depressed children with asthma evidence increased airway resistance 3745