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Allergen-specific immunotherapy: an update on immunological mechanisms of action 3355
Practice parameters for sublingual immunotherapy 3641
Use of complementary medicine amongst asthmatic patients in primary care 3009
Analysis of the positivity rate in IgE positive patients to inhalant allergens 3427
Occupational respiratory allergy to cyclamen pollen: a case report 5086
Search for low allergenic apple cultivars for birch pollen-allergic patients 3070
Antioxidants as novel agents for asthma 2852
A double blind, placebo controlled trial of inert cellulose powder for the relief hay fever 3634
Systemic contact dermatitis after oral exposure to nickel 3152
Severe allergic hair dye reactions in 8 children 3982
Does a multifaceted environmental intervention alter the impact of asthma on inner-city children? 2966
Safety of a SQ-standardised grass allergen tablet for sublingual immunotherapy 2897
Risk factors for asthma in young adults: a co-twin control study 2987
The etiologies, pathophysiology, and alternative/complementary treatment of asthma 3105
Effects of luteolin and other flavonoids on IgE-mediated allergic reactions 3932
Treatment of perennial allergic rhinitis with ascorbic acid solution 3574
The prenatal use of antibiotics and the development of allergic disease in one year old infants 3746
Baseline prevalence of symptoms related to indoor environment 3283
Non-specific inflammatory bowel disease or allergic colitis in small children 6036
Description of a novel panallergen of cross-reactivity between moulds and foods 3244