Stomatologiia (Mosk). 2006;85(2):7-11.


Histamine-releasing activity of dental materials employed as root canal filling.


[Article in Russian]


Babakhin AA, Volozhin AI, Kazarina LN, Gushchina OO, Babakhina IuA, Diubuske LM.


Four samples of dental materials (DM) used for root canal filling, Septodent (S), Zinkoxide (Z), Foredent (F) and Cialite Regular (CR), were studied for their ability in vitro to release histamine (HR) employing the computerized fiber glass based histamine release assay using whole blood from allergic patients and healthy donors. It was found that F induced high and S low levels of HR from blood basophils from both allergic and non-allergic subjects. Z and CR did not induce HR from blood basophils similar to the negative control. The HR assay may be a useful method for preliminary investigation of DM employed for root canal fillings for safety as well as for selection of specific DM for individual patients.


PMID: 16710269 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]



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