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Is excess folic acid supplementation a risk factor for autism? 3874
The severity of autism is associated with toxic metal body burden and red blood cell glutathione 3015
Blood Mercury Concentrations in CHARGE Study Children with and without Autism 3143
Oxidative stress in Egyptian children with autism: relation to autoimmunity 2905
Environmental risk factors for autism 3258
Serotonin, pregnancy and increased autism prevalence: Is there a link? 3026
Family analysis of immunoglobulin classes and subclasses in children with autistic disorder 3192
Novel and emerging treatments for autism spectrum disorders: a systematic review 3225
A review of dietary interventions in autism 2864
Oxytocin: From milk ejection to maladaptation in stress response and psychiatric disorders 3143
Mercury exposure nutritional deficiencies and metabolic disruptions may affect learning in children 2829
Genomic and epigenetic evidence for oxytocin receptor deficiency in autism 2656
The LEARn model: an epigenetic explanation for idiopathic neurobiological diseases 3044
Risk of Autism and Increasing Maternal and Paternal Age in a Large North American Population 2736
Do terbutaline and mold-associated impairments of the brain and lung relate to autism? 2830
Fever Plus Mitochondrial Disease Could Be Risk Factors for Autistic Regression 2631
Understanding and Determining the Etiology of Autism 3079
Are Neuropathological Conditions Relevant to Ethylmercury Exposure? 2984
Phenotypic expression of autoimmune autistic disorder (AAD) 2243
A qualitative analysis of lay beliefs about the aetiology and prevalence of autism 2890