Acta Cir Bras. 2006 00;21:80-83.


Perioperative administration of probiotics: effects on immune response, anastomotic resistance and colonic mucosal trophism.


Aguilar-Nascimento JE, Prado S, Zaffani G, Salomao AB, Neves JD, Dock-Nascimento DB, Mello PR, Okay TS. Department of Surgery, Medical School, Federal University of Mato Grosso, Brazil.


PURPOSE: To investigate the effects of perioperative administration of diet containing probiotics on the immune response, anastomotic resistance, and colonic mucosal trophism in rats underwent left-sided colonic anastomosis. METHODS: Sixty adults Wistar rats were randomized to two groups (A and B) with 30 animals each to receive or not a diet supplemented with probiotics (Streptococcus thermophilus e Lactobacillus helveticus) during pre- and postoperative period. They underwent laparotomy followed by left colon section and immediate anastomosis. Groups of 15 animals were killed either on the 4th (groups A1 and B1) or 7th PO (groups A2 and B2) days. The outcome variables were serum proteins, albumin, globulins and IgA, lenght and weight of the colon, mucosal weight, DNA content and anastomotic bursting pressure. RESULTS: Colonic weight was greater in probiotic group compared to controls (1,69+/-0,34g vs 1,48+/-0,26g; p<0.05). Total serum proteins and globulin were higher in probiotic animals (proteins = 7,05+/-0,97g/dl vs 6,57+/-0,66g/dl e globulins = 5,1+/-0,62g/dl vs 4,68+/-1,1g/dl; p<0.05). Serum IgA increased from basal to post-operative days only in the probiotic group (p<0.01). CONCLUSIONS: Perioperative probiotics enhanced the immune response and colonic weight. Probiotics failed to increase anastomotic resistance.


PMID: 17293972 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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