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Cognitive behavioral intervention versus pharmacological treatment in fibromyalgia 3436
A Pilot Study of External Qigong Therapy for Patients with Fibromyalgia 4557
Higher prevalence of fibromyalgia in patients infected with human T cell lymphotropic virus type I 2858
Interdisciplinary rehabilitation in fibromyalgia and chronic back pain 2787
Individuals descriptions of living with fibromyalgia 2762
Changes in salivary cortisol in patients with fibromyalgia 3043
The health effects of at-home written emotional disclosure in fibromyalgia 2646
Fibromyalgia syndrome: the beneficial effects of exercise 2800
Connective tissue manipulation and combined ultrasound therapy in patients with fibromyalgia 4529
Systemic low-dose ketamine to the pathophysiology of fibromyalgia 3850
Long-term follow up of a physical therapy programme for patients with fibromyalgia syndrome 2648
Fibromyalgia - a different type of pain needing a different type of treatment 2789
The potential role of oxidative stress and nitric oxide in fibromyalgia 3394
The Prevalence and Clinical Impact of Reported Cognitive Difficulties (Fibrofog) in Fibromyalgia 2708
Fibromyalgia Pain and Substance P Decrease and Sleep Improves After Massage Therapy 5482
The treatment of fibromyalgia with cranial electrotherapy stimulation 4808
Fibromyalgia, Idiopathic Widespread Persistent Pain or Syndrome of Myalgic Encephalomyelopathy 3136
Metabolic syndrome in women with chronic pain 2916
Effects of Stanger bath therapy on fibromyalgia 2975
Biology and therapy of fibromyalgia - genetic aspects of fibromyalgia syndrome 2749