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The intestinal epithelial barrier: does it become impaired with age? 2812
Intestinal mucosal barrier function in health and disease 3788
Mechanisms and functional implications of intestinal barrier defects 2908
Clinical study of the relationship between the pigment gallstone and intestinal mucosal barrier 3046
Effect of glutamine on intestinal mucosal barrier function in rats with acute hepatic injury 2953
Adrenomedullin treatment reduces intestinal inflammation and maintains epithelial barrier function 3094
Celiac Disease: From Pathogenesis to Novel Therapies 3345
Intracellular zinc stores protect the intestinal epithelium from ochratoxin A toxicity 3088
Metabolic stress evokes decreases in epithelial barrier function 2947
Host responses to intestinal microbial antigens in gluten sensitive mice 2971
Pretreatment with arginine preserves intestinal barrier integrity and reduces bacteria translocation 2883
Chronic alcohol exposure promotes intestinal oxidative stress and intestinal hyperpermeability 2749
The tight junction in inflammatory disease: communication breakdown 2913
Understanding measurements of intestinal permeability with urine lactulose and mannitol excretion 4004
The relationship between immune imbalance and intestinal barrier dysfunction 2873
Butyrate Enhances the Intestinal Barrier by Facilitating Tight Junction Assembly 2873
Lactobacillus rhamnosus alleviates intestinal barrier dysfunction 3502
Fatty acids increase paracellular absorption of aluminium across Caco2 cell monolayers 2775
Influence of prolonged exposure of a short half life NSAIDs on gastrointestinal safety 2955
Present status and strategy of NSAIDs induced small bowel injury 3228