Dig Dis Sci. 2008 Mar 5 [Epub ahead of print]


Lactulose/Mannitol Test and Specificity, Sensitivity, and Area under Curve of Intestinal Permeability Parameters in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis and Crohn's Disease.


Dastych M, Dastych M Jr, Novotná H, Cíhalová J. Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Hematology, University Hospital Brno, Jihlavská 20, 62500, Brno, Czech Republic, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



The purpose of this study was to investigate and compare the specificity, sensitivity, and area under curve (AUC) of the lactulose/mannitol ratio, lactulose/creatinine ratio, and lactulose recovery and their diagnostic value for intestinal permeability assessment within the absorption lactulose/mannitol (L/M) test. Results The value of the lactulose/mannitol ratio, lactulose/creatinine ratio, and the percentage of lactulose recovery in Crohn's disease (0.0763 +/- 0.0369; 99.62 +/- 67.87; 1.0478 +/- 0.6148) and in liver cirrhosis (0.0517 +/- 0.0365; 54.65 +/- 53.26; 0.838 +/- 0.929) were significantly different from the values measured in the control group (0.0123 +/- 0.0081; 10.95 +/- 7.07; 0.2438 +/- 0.1568), P < 0.0001-0.002). In Crohn's disease, specificity, sensitivity, and AUC were 100%, 89.5%, and 0.987, respectively, of the lactulose/mannitol ratio at a cut-off level of 0.022. In liver cirrhosis, the test characteristics were 88.5%, 84.2%, and 0.910 at a cut-off level of 0.018. Conclusion The lactulose/mannitol ratio was evaluated to have the highest diagnostic value to assess intestinal permeability.










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