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Came back to the forum to read some of the advise and saw your message.
originally a doctor at the practice I am at gave me anti fungals, some just didnt work, but finally one did.
unfortunately that doctor left and the ones left will not recognise the illness nor will they treat it.
I have had a very stressful year which has meant my fungal levels have risen.
theres an app called carbs and cals that can help with low carb foods.
My treatment I am following at the ment is to eat two cloves of garlic a day, taste like crap but really helps, one before breakfast and one before dinner.
The other thing is Caprylic acid, I have been taking that at 1200mg which certainly seems to be working. Reading the info on here it appears I need to up the dose to 3600. so will start by doubling tomorrow.
Hope your husband has improved since your post
4 years ago