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I definitely recognize the challenges in choosing an ideal donor. It would be great if there were a donor bank or if we all had enough money to go to the Probiotic Research Centre in Australia (I keep thinking... If I won the lottery - the first thing I would do is go visit Dr. Borody). But the best you can do is 1) find someone that you think would be willing to help you 2) have them screened based on the recommended tests and 3) hope/pray for the best!

My donor and I were both concerned when I started out because we just didn't know if we missed some test or if I would (for some reason) get sicker. But I know for many of us here... We have been sick for a long time (decades), tried every supplement/treatment imaginable and this has been a last resort. I really think you have to feel like you are dying before you are willing to inject someone else's poo inside your own butt!

But Tracy said it best in her blog: "...for me it was a risk worth taking as I could not continue to live with the condition, in particular the mental symptoms. You will need to make your own decision."
8 years ago