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Hi Jim. Yes I am looking into getting an infared sauna. I have narrowed it down to two. Heavenly Heat and Clearlight. Have you investigated these two. Totally different technology. Low to no emfs and quality cabinets. Heavenly Heat make to order and charge $500 US to ship. They offer a 10% discount also. I have had a reply from the Clearlight in the States but having problems communicating with the Australian branch.

What brands are you investigating.
8 years ago
Hello Caz.....

I've just started researching saunas and I've probably got the same questions as you.....but I might have some useful info.

I assume that you are looking for an infared sauna. Is this correct?

I've used a couple and they work exceedlingly well and much more pleasant than the conventional 'steam bath' variety.

Assumming this is the case, there are a few things to consider.

The 'wave length' of the infrared panels is very important. See excerpt from the net below

The costs vary enormously here in I'm looking for value......and being cautious!

Many are made in China and most look soundly built......but I'm cautious!!

Canadian hemlock seems to be the the timber of choice.

I'll stop there as I won't risk confusing you.


Jim Hunt
South Australia

Excerpt from the net.
Biological research shows that far infrared rays with wavelength between 5.6um and 15um are the best-absorbed by the human body. They are beneficial to all living things. The human body is no exception; moreover, they have particular affects on the growth and health of the human body, and are indispensable to the maintenance of health for humans. We therefore call far infrared rays within the range mentioned above "bio-spectrum" rays:

8 years ago