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  • Anti-Aging


    Created on: Tuesday, 03 July 2012
    This group is for the discussion of methods to slow the aging process e.g. nutrition, nutritional and herbal supplements, detoxification techniques, certain pharmaceuticals (e.g. nootropics).  
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  • Heavy Metal Detox and Chelation Support

    Heavy Metal Detox and Chelation Support

    Created on: Sunday, 02 October 2011
    A group dedicated to the discussion of the effects of heavy metals (e.g. mercury, lead, cadmium) and other toxic metals (e.g. aluminium) on health and their removal using oral and intravenous chelation therapies.
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  • NAET Support Group

    NAET Support Group

    Created on: Sunday, 11 September 2011
    A support and discussion group for those using Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET) as a treatment for allergies, multiple chemical sensivity (MCS) and other environmental illness (EI).
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