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  • Blood-Brain Barrier Healing & Protection

    Blood-Brain Barrier Healing & Protection

    Created on: Wednesday, 26 September 2012
    This group is dedicated to discussion of the protection of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) through dietary and lifestyle changes and also through use of detoxification therapies. It is also a place to discuss such therapies (and others) as a means to heal a damaged/hyperpermeable BBB.
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  • Supporting Liver Health & Detoxification Pathways

    Supporting Liver Health & Detoxification Pathways

    Created on: Monday, 14 November 2011
    People suffering from environmental illnesses commonly have compromised liver health and function of detoxification pathways. This group is dedicated to sharing information on how to support liver health and detox pathways through natural means such as diet, nutritional and herbal supplements, fasting, juicing, enemas, and liver flushes.
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  • Parasite Busters!

    Parasite Busters!

    Created on: Monday, 26 September 2011
    This group is dedicated to the discussion of the influence of intestinal parasites on chronic illnesses and specifically treatments and cleanses to help rid the body of such critters!
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  • Phospholipid Exchange (PLX) Support

    Phospholipid Exchange (PLX) Support

    Created on: Wednesday, 24 August 2011
    A group dedicated to the exchange of information and experiences relating to the detoxification therapy known as phospholipid exchange (PLX) among those suffering from environmental illnesses.
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  • Helminthic Therapy Support

    Helminthic Therapy Support

    Created on: Sunday, 17 July 2011
    This group is a place where those undergoing helminthic therapy can support each other and those interested in pursuing this unique treatment approach can find useful information. Helmintic therapy is being used for autoimmune and atopic conditions including Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, asthma, eczema, food allergies and hay fever.
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  • Martin Pall Protocol

    Martin Pall Protocol

    Created on: Friday, 08 July 2011
    A group where those undertaking the nutritional supplement program developed by Professor Martin Pall can support each other and share knowledge and experiences. Prof. Pall's protocol is intended to break the viscious cycle of oxidative and nitosative stress he refers to as the 'NO/ONOO' cycle due to the central involvement of nitric oxide (NO) and peroxynitrite (ONOO-). This cycle is theorised to be at the heart of chronic multi-system...
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  • Supporting The Methylation Cycle

    Supporting The Methylation Cycle

    Created on: Wednesday, 15 June 2011
    A group devoted to the discussion of methylation cycle issues which have been identified as a significant issue in those suffering from environmental and invisible illnesses from chronic fatigue syndrome to autism. Discussions of testing and nutritional support for the methylation cycle are a particular focus for this group.
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  • Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Support

    Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Support

    Created on: Sunday, 05 June 2011
    Low dose naltrexone (LDN) is a therapy being used to treat a variety of autoimmune and immune disorders. When taken in small doses the drug naltrexone stimulates the body to produce endorphins which in turn have a regulating effect on the immune system. The aim of therapy is to correct the immune dysfunction seen in a wide range of diseases and thereby produce therapeutic benefit. This group is intended to be a place of support and...
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  • Home Fecal Transplants

    Home Fecal Transplants

    Created on: Tuesday, 24 May 2011
    The health of the fecal microflora is vital to the health of the entire body - recent research is making this extremely clear. Those with environmental illnesses almost always have imbalanced gut flora (gut dysbiosis). The best probiotic we have right now, as unpleasant as it sounds, is the fecal matter of a healthy donor. This group is intended for members to share techniques for performing 'fecal transplants' at home in an effort to...
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