LDN for dogs

Thursday, 09 June 2011

LDN is proving an effective therapy for treating your pets.  Below is from Dr Skip Lenz (well known LDN pharmacist - Skips Pharmacy in the USA), re dosing for pets:-

With all due respect to the MD types, treating animals is a whole different ball game. I developed a dosing schedule based on some science, some art and mostly my experience with the drug over a 10 year period. 

With our canine population there is a number of drugs that are weight based so you can apply Young's rule to determine the correct dose. This rule only semi-applies with canines. Why you ask. You only want a partial blockade. So if you use 4.5mg for an average human, than 1-1.5mgs for under 50 lbs, 2-3 mgs 51-100lbs and 4.5 > than 100lbs. Now this is a Calculated Dose. I wouldn't argue with something near to this.