Surviving Multiple Chemical Sensitivity! Surviving Multiple Chemical Sensitivity!

New 2015 Diagnostic Criteria and Test for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

Tuesday, 01 September 2015

As Founder of The Environmental Illness Resource I have been working closely with another MCS Survivor (Mike Badolato - Founder of the MCS Etiology community website) for a while now. Mike is incredibly intelligent and determined and has worked above and beyond the call of duty to produce new criteria for diagnosis of multiple chemical sensitivity - MCS Consensus Criteria 2015 - based on the very latest research into the illness itself and particularly the ubiquitous pollutants that put the entire population of the planet at risk and perpetuate MCS and its multitude of symptoms.

I cannot possibly put enough emphasis on the importance of this work. The current MCS Concensus Criteria date back to 1999 and medical and environmental science has moved on considerably since then, yet nobody has seen fit to put the effort into producing updated criteria - until now.

I am proud to announce that through the exhaustive efforts of Mike Badolato and myself (Matthew 'Maff' Hogg), very shortly a series of booklets will be available through The Environmental Illness Resource and MCS Etiology websites in both Amazon Kindle ebook and hard copy, traditionally bound formats. Of course the Kindle format will also be available directly through your regional Amazon site.

This series will include the MCS Consensus Criteria 2015 along with exhaustive supporting research and commentary. 

Additionally, we have developed the 2015 South Pole CAR Test (SPC) - the only up-to-date, research-based diagnostic test for multiple chemical sensitivity (and related environmental illnesses (EIs). 

We urge everyone affected by MCS and other EIs (e.g. ME/CFS) to pick up a copy of these booklets - at the very least the diagnostic criteria and test volumes - to arm yourself with the very latest and most comprehensive knowledge of your illness(es) available anywhere. By taking the SPC Test we also invite you to sign on and join us as MCS Consensus Criteria 2015 authors yourselves. This project is intended to be a community effort with Mike and myself simply the catalysts for new concerted efforts.

I will update you as soon as this seminal work becomes available for purchase (prices will be kept intentionally as low as possible) and in the meantime myself and Mike urge you to read the MCS Etiology section of the forums here at EiR or visit Mike's site here.

The time for MCS and EIs to be recognized both medically and socially, as well as diagnosed accurately, has come. We sincerely hope our efforts will go a long way to making this a reality and hope you will join us.

Matthew Hogg BSc (Hons) & Mike Badolato
Authors - MCS Consensus Criteria 2015 & South Pole CAR Test (SPC)