Youtube video of at home FMT via nasal tube

Discussion started by Doorie 11 years ago

This youtube link is Anders M. Leines' video account of using FMT via.nasal tube.  After having the tube inserted at the Dr's office, he does the FMT at home, four days in a row.

He did this as an experiment to treat his Parkinsons. 

The professors involved, one of whom is interviewed in the video, are Professors Tore Midtvedt and Arnold Berstad  from Oslo, Norway.

Notice that in the video, the stool used is called a "soup" that has been cultivating for 15 years (!).  It would be interesting to know how this was carried out, given that CDD and others state fresh is best, and there are limited accounts of using frozen solution.

The recipient in the video did not have to find his own donor, do the testing, prepare the solution etc.  Don't we all wish that this, readily available donation, was available to all of us!




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