Please share your helminth therapy experiences

Discussion started by Maff 10 years ago

Hi all,

I first heard about helminthic therapy a number of years ago but at the time thought it too outlandish and disgusting to try!

After reading articles such as this one by William Parker, PhD, at Duke University I have really come around to thinking that as someone with allergic tendencies, chronic fatigue syndrome, and severe gut dysbiosis, helminthic therapy may be a good fit.

Has anybody had any experience with this therapy or know of others who have tried it? If so, which disease(s) was it used to treat and was it beneficial at all?

Thanks in advance!




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I was just going to ask you if you had experience with this. I would like to try but they charge a lot for little of worms. Wish someone infected already just send me water that he dipped in it his poo before. I Would throw it on the floor and step on it the natural way for hookworms more or less
9 years ago

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