uBiome -- microbiome science in the hands of the people !

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This is an international project to collect data on the microbiome from people around the world (in 196 countries). It is a "citizen science" project.

You do have to pay for the kit to send in your sample(s).

How it works:

What you do:

You send in in the money for the test kit.

Send in the sample.

Fill in a survey about your lifestyle (diet etc.)

What you get:

Info - whats in your microbiome

Clustering - how does your microbiome relate to others

Interpretation - what your microbiome data means and how to understand it.

Note that the testing is of different areas in the body (nose, mouth, ear, GI tract, genitals).  I think there are different test kits for each area. If you have a GI tract/bowel disorder you are not barred from particpating.  Researchers would likely be interested in a collection of this data.

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uBiome - Sequence Your Microbiome

Scientists recently discovered an important new organ in the human body. Incredibly, this organ isn’t made of human cells: It’s microbes!

In fact, there are so many of these microbes in your body that they outnumber human cells 10 to 1.

This is your microbiome.

It's another world inside your body. Thousands of species, trillions and trillions of tiny organisms. We barely know who they are, let alone what they're doing -- or importantly, how they affect our health. It's been described as the greatest scientific mystery of our day. 

By joining uBiome, you can explore your own microbiome and participate in the exciting scientific discovery to unlock this mystery. In order for it to work, we need lots of samples and a little bit of money. By pulling together as a group, we can do cutting-edge biomedical research at a fraction of the normal cost. It's called citizen science. 


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