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For those visiting EiR through links in articles about auto-brewery syndrome currently being published on large international news websites - I wanted to post links to the most popular and useful information on the subject and my own struggles with this horrible condition. I also wanted to open a new discussion for both new and existing members.

If you  think you or a loved one might be suffering with auto-brewery syndrome or have vague symptoms of intoxication please do read the following:

My Candida Hell: Chronic Ethanol and Acetaldehyde Poisoning
This is a full account of  my experiences with auto-brewery syndrome and the severity of my symptoms with a lot of explanation of the biochemistry and pathology thrown in. This article has been the most popular page on the entire EiR website for a while now with over 60 comments already having been added by readers. 

Candida and Alcoholism: Many Symptoms in Common
Due to the fact by it's very nature auto-brewery syndrome floods a sufferer's body with exactly the same primary toxins (ethanol (drinking alcohol & acetaldehyde) as alcoholics are compelled to consume throuigh drinking, this blog explores the often horrific symptoms experienced by those suffering from both diseases.

Fermentation in the Gut and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)
An article written by my excellent doctor - Dr. Sarah Myhill, MD - describing how gut fermentation by yeast and other microbes contributes significantly to both symptoms and the disease process and ME/CFS and related illnesses.

If you have any questions about auto-brewery syndrome and related subjects I encourage you to register as a member of EiR and join this Beating Candida! group so you can post anything that's on your mind right below. I'll do my best to personally respond to all posts and we have many other very knowledgeable members who are likely to also offer their support!


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