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Translate the following sentences into a different representational system

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is all about helping people perceive themselves and the world around them in different ways to open up more options and choices in pursuit of their goals. With this in mind it is often helpful to use language to help them move from one representational system to another to give a different perspective on a situation.

Here are some good examples:

Things look good. (V)
“This feels like it is going to turn out well” (K)  

It is so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. (A)
“Everything looks completely still” (V

You are really fired up! (Ad)    
“It feels like you’re highly motivated” (K) 
That sounds like a great idea. (A)   
“That feels like the right thing to do” (K
People don't see me as I see myself. (V)   
“People don’t seem to understand me” (Ad
Your words leave a sour taste in my mouth. (G)   
“Your words don’t make sense to me” (Ad
V = Visual (seeing)
A = Auditory (hearing)
K = Kinaesthetic (feeling)
G = Gustatory (tasting)
Ad = Auditory Digital ("self-talk")


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