Auto brewery syndrome HELP

Discussion started by Bgammz 7 years ago
So about 2 years ago my husband started to have bouts of slurred speech and impaired movements. After two hospital stays with excessively high blood alcohol levels 700-500 and seizures from withdrawls we finly figured out that he has auto brewery snlyndrome he is on anti yeast meds and we have sort of got the diet down but still struggling with a good med that will keep his levels down and he was a huge meat and potatoes guy so veggies are giing but rough. We have 4 small children and i have not benn able to work due to his illness and never knowing how he will wake up or when he will become instantly drunk any advice or tips for diet or meds would be grately appreciated since most doctors know nothing about this syndrome thank you so much sincerely a stressed scared wife


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Came back to the forum to read some of the advise and saw your message.
originally a doctor at the practice I am at gave me anti fungals, some just didnt work, but finally one did.
unfortunately that doctor left and the ones left will not recognise the illness nor will they treat it.
I have had a very stressful year which has meant my fungal levels have risen.
theres an app called carbs and cals that can help with low carb foods.
My treatment I am following at the ment is to eat two cloves of garlic a day, taste like crap but really helps, one before breakfast and one before dinner.
The other thing is Caprylic acid, I have been taking that at 1200mg which certainly seems to be working. Reading the info on here it appears I need to up the dose to 3600. so will start by doubling tomorrow.
Hope your husband has improved since your post
7 years ago

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