Supporting The Methylation Cycle Supporting The Methylation Cycle

Excellent book explaining the methylation cycle you might have missed

Discussion started by Maff 11 years ago

The methylation cycle can seem hugely complicated to non-biochemists so a good reference book is essential to have any hope of understanding it and correcting any problems you might have using the correct supplements.


I have found far and away the most easily understandable yet in-depth book is Autism: Pathways to Recovery by Dr. Amy Yasko. It includes clear diagrams and takes the reader through the methylation step-by-step, or enzyme-by-enzyme, more accurately. It also explains the different forms of nutrients needed to get correct specific problems within the cycle (determined by SNPs and other factors).


I thought it was worth mentioning since the title of the book could easily turn away people it could help a great deal!


Read more about the book hear -




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