Candida symptoms - cold/hot feet

Discussion started by MikeH 12 years ago

One of my symptoms involves my feet. Sometimes they are ice cold and its a real struggle to warm them up. Sometimes the toes and front of the feet get really red and hot while the heel and the back of the foot remains cold.

Doesn't cause me any real pain or discomfort just really annoying. I've googled this but not come across anyone who had similar symptoms.

It might be that it isn't connected to the candida but it always seems to coincide.

Anyone else have anything similar?


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Hi Mike,

I certainly have problems with temperature regulation and my feet are a definite focal point for this, as extremities usually are. I can't say I've had war and cold areas on my feet at the same time though - that's unusual and I'm sorry to say I can't think of a logical explanation for that.

Generally I'd say Candida would influence body temperature mostly by poisoning the autonomic nervous system and interfering with endocrine function. The adrenal and thyroid glands are prone to suffering badly from Candida/yeast issues and they obviously have a major role in metabolic rate and temperature regulation.

Of course it could be completely unrelated. Do you or family have a history of circulatory problems? That would be one obvious example of a possible cause for this.
12 years ago