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Diagnosed with ME/CFS 20 years ago - immunology results don't fit the model!

Discussion started by Maff 11 years ago

Hi all,


I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. in 1991, aged 12. I meet all criteria for both CFS and M.E. including Fukuda, Canadian Concensus etc.


At the end of last year I had some money available for testing and thought it was time I had some immunological testing done - so I ordered tests for Th1/Th2 cytokine balance, NK cell activity and RNase L status from Red Laboratories in Belgium.


I fully expected these to show a shift towards a Th2 response, reduced NK cell activity and abnormal RNase L cleavage - since this seems to be the current concensus in the ME/CFS research/medical community. To my considerable surprise the results showed the exact opposite i.e. if anything a shift towards Th1 activity, markedly elevated NK cell activity (assessed via perforin expression), and normal RNase L cleavage.


I have also consistently had less than normal results from routine full blood counts. My WBC are always either borderline low or clinically low. This seems to be generalised, including lymphocytes, neurtophils and other classes of WBC.


What this all means I am still unsure. I have not been able to speak to a doctor sufficiently knowledgeable in immunology to offer and explanation. So, I'm putting it out to you guys. Can anyone shed any light on these results? Has anyone else diagnosed with ME/CFS had similar results? I should note that I have significant gut involvement in my illness - SIBO, small intestinal yeast overgrowth, intestinal hyperpermeability (leaky gut) etc.


I have uploaded my test results to a group photo album here -


Look forward to hearing from you...


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