Experiences with licorice for supporting healthy cortisol levels

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I am interested to read about peoples' experiences with using licorice to increase low cortisol levels and treat adrenal fatigue, either as an alternative to treatments such as hydrocortisone and adrenal glandulars, or in combination with these.


For those unfamiliar with licorice, it contains a compound known as glycerrhizinic acid which slows the breakdown of cortisol in the body thus increasing circulating levels.


My own experience with using licorice is that it has powerful effects. Due to chronic fatigue syndrome and associated adrenal fatigue I have repeatedly shown low morning cortisol on saliva testing and suffer badly with inability to wake up and get going in the mornings. Taking licorice at a modest dose I quickly found I was waking up at 7am full of energy and motivation. Unfortunately I am extremely sensitive to anything with such a stimulant action and before long I was permanently "wired" and unable to sleep at night so I had to discontinue. For those with low cortisol/adrenal fatigue and less sensitivity to stimulating supplements/herbs I believe licorice may be of great benefit.


Anyone have any experiences to share?


For more on licorice and reviews click here.


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Maff - I have definitely found benefits with licorice. It has taken some experimentation to get it right, and as my health improves I seem to tolerate it much better.

Initially, I started with a Licorice tincture (tinyurl.com/…) that specified a dosage of 28-56 drops. Anything over 8 drops caused me to become "amped up" and jittery, mimicking that wired and tired feeling I now associated with adrenal exhaustion. When I initially stopped the hydrocortisone, I replaced it with the licorice, morning and afternoon, and it did seem to provide similar benefits. However, like the hydrocortisone, even the smallest dosage on some days gave me those speedy reactions, and I stopped in time.

Within the last month I have started licorice again, this time with capsules (tinyurl.com/…), one morning and one afternoon. I have had no reaction to the pill form, and do believe they are assisting in supporting my energy/sugar/cortisol levels. The supplement has definitely raised my blood pressure for the better (my reading today was 120/80 vs. earlier diastolic readings in the low 60s).

Highly recommend licorice for those with known adrenal concerns, but suggest going slow and finding the right dosage (even if it means taking it every other day).
10 years ago

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