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Oral versus Intravenous Phospholipid Exchange (PLX)

Discussion started by Maff 10 years ago

In theory it is possible to self-treat with PLX using oral nutritional supplements, the most important of which being phosphatidylcholine (PC). The advantage of this being that there isn't a huge upfront cost but the downside being it is likely to take far longer to see results than with IV PLX given at a dedicated clinic. Of course, as group member Jamison describes here, the cost of IV PLX can be huge - but he saw results relatively quickly (30% improvement in energy with long-standing ME/CFS).


There have been a number of positive reports on this site and elsewhere however of people having success with oral PC supplements only. Some members have attributed recoveries from MCS to its use.


Have others tried PLX either orally, via IV, or a combination of the two? It would be good to hear your experiences.




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