Terbinafine / Lamisil

Discussion started by TheStache 12 years ago

Anyone have experience with the effectiveness of Terbinafine / Lamisil for candida issues?  


I know the perveying opinion from those focused on fighting candida (Boroch, Teitelbaum, et al.) recommnend Nystatin and Diflucan, but the multiple M.D.s I have seen a) aren't sold on the idea of systematic candida overgrowth and b) are willing to treat the toenail fungal infection I have had for three years, but only with Lamisil/Terbinafine.  


I have explored the diet/natural antifungal route for about 9 months now, including rotating anti-fungals and although I have seen great progress, still can't seem to kick it completely, and have even relapsed in the past.  My liver enzymes all look a-OK, so thought I would give it a shot.  The generic Terbinafine is only US$65 for a month's supply, so the cost is low.


Happy to hear if anyone has seen candida symptoms improve on Terbinafine, but just as happy to be the guinea pig!


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