Does NAET work?

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I think it is the tendecy for lots of us to be skeptical of alternative medical treatments like NAET. However, for those of us sufering with allergies there arn't a huge amount of weapons in conventional medicine's arsenal to to tackle them. It is for this reason that I decided to give NAET a go. I have been pleasantly surprised. This is a discussion for those currently or thinking about undergoing NAET who wish to compare notes, ask questions and hopefully have them answered...






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I have always had a similar reluctance to try the more esoteric alternative treatments Jamison but like you have found with NAET, I too have been surprised to find real benefit. I was badgered for a long time to try meditation but resisted assuming it to be a pointless exercise. Only once I tried a form that was a good fit for me did I see its potential. In fact, the first time I tried it I was overwhelmed and intuitively knew that this was something I would be doing for the rest of my life...7 years later that is still true. I think ME/CFS and other invisible illnesses have a habit of opening our minds

Anyway, it's fantastic to hear that you have seen such tangible benefits from your series of NAET treatments with desensitisation to various allergens and the tiredness you associate with the healing state.

I hope the current "symptoms" involving your swollen glands are just a part of the healing process and lead to further benefits.

I too would be very keen to hear from others who have tried NAET. I have had Dr. Nambudripad's book 'Say Good-Bye To Illness' on my bookshelf for years but never actually been for a NAET session to see if it could benefit me - mainly due to financial reasons as always! It would be good to hear some more positive stories to spur me on to take the plunge perhaps...
9 years ago
I thought I would start by sharing some of my experiences with NAET. To be honest, I usually steer clear of alternative medical treatments. The only reason I decided to give NAET a go was because Dr Teitlebaum - a famous ME Doctor who I admire - recommended it. Also, there arn't a huge amount of options for treating allergies and as NAET is non invasive, I thought what have I got to lose? Apart from money that is

Anyway I started treatment and almost immediately began to feel benefits. I was desensitised to Vit C and eggs. It hadn't occurred to me that I was sensitive to these things but low and behold I didn't feel as fatigued/fluey/foggy after consuming them as I had before.

I was also desinsitised to lots of inhalents that I know I have allergies to i.e. molds, pollens and dust. After treatment I felt very tired. This is not unusual for me as I suffer from ME/CFS. However, it was the quality of the fatigue that changed. The last time I felt tired like this was after I had broken my leg. As it turned out my leg healed very quickly and efficiently. So I put this tiredness/ wiped out feeling down to healing and decided to roll with it. Interestingly sometimes after a session I would also get these periods of mental clarity that I havn't experienced in years.

I have now had over 20 sessions and recently have been desensitised to my own blood/saliva (or something in it). This has ratcheted my fatigue up a notch and my glands that have been idle yet swollen for years have began to hurt. So this NAET is definitely doing something. I'm not cured yet but I do feel like I'm making headway.

One thing is for sure I have stumbled across a very good practitioner. Her name is Caroline Stephens and she is based in Earls Court in London. I have been ill for over 10 years and have had experience with lots of different doctors and practitioners and I find Caroline to have been one of the most accurate so far.

I would be interested to hear of anyone else's experience of NAET. Did you get tired too for instance?
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