Could parasites be the problem?

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I have been doing a lot of searching online concerning parasites since I have received many surprising benefits to my intestinal health while on anti-parasites. Came across this info from a practitioner boasting of "20 years of research and client results"



Why can't I kill my Candida after months or years of anti-fungal drugs and/or herbs?


You probably have killed off your Candida--a long time ago!Though Candida is in the title of one of our books and experts have called it "the best book on Candida", we make it clear that what most people think is "Candida" usually turns out to be something else! Candida albicans is not that strong a "critter." It dies rather readily after a few weeks of anti-fungal treatment--IF it is what is really present in the body. If you have taken anti-fungal drugs or herbs for months or years and you are still sick "as a dog," it is likely not due to Candida! Candida is usually asecondary opportunistic organism. Most often Candida comes after protozoan (single celled organisms such as amoeba or giardia) overgrowth. Sadly some physicians endanger the health and life of their patients by treating "Candida" almost "forever." Powerful anti-fungal drugs are employed for months or years when their manufacturers recommended a maximum 10-day trial. In fact some of these drugs were meant for systemic (or blood) fungal problems. While Candida toxins may get into the blood and travel to any organ, most of the time the Candida itself is confined to the gastrointestinal tract, or the vagina, and the Candida does not get into the blood. Otherwise what is called Candida septicemia might occur and this is imminently life-threatening and one would quickly find out if this was the case!

As we have written, 80-90% of "Candida" is either parasitosis, or if Candida is present, it is still 80-90% of the time secondary to protozoan overgrowth. Candida does not cause the great permeability, the severe allergies and fatigue/fibromyalgia as do parasites. Indeed, we have already stated that most (actual) Candida itself is secondary to parasite overgrowth! Candida toxins do not cripple the immune system as much as protozoan parasite toxins do. So the key to overcoming "Candida" is tofind out what "critters" are actually present and to kill these and not be hung up that it must be Candida. All stool tests are nearly worthless for detecting amoeba or giardia or other protozoans. The rectal smear test (Parrish-Bueno test) or a few kinesiologists may find them readily though. Remember though, the number and types of microorganisms we harbor are not static; this is continuously changing. For example, when one takes anti-parasite remedies, the Candida--which may have been held in check by the protozoans--may now overgrow. Now might be the time for antifungal treatment.

Besides the excellent archives at Dr. Stoll's, I add the following from 20 years of research and client results. Stool tests are nearly 100% worthless for finding Protozoan parasites (amoeba, giardia). And the Protozoans are the iniators of much illness. (Not being breast-fed or for very long in infancy and genetic factors are the earliest causes, I have found, but nothing we can do about these.) The toxins from Protozoans interfere with potassium and sodium and cause gastrointestinal permeability (LGS) and thus subsequent allergy (and addiction). Also pancreas shock (hypoglycemia), adrenal and thyroid problems, serotonin blockage (anxiety, phobias, depression.) All this presumes you have had a complete medical check-up and no "usual medical conditions" were found by exam and blood work. 
Please save time and money RE "Stool tests". "Candida" may be found, but not what causes the Candida! 80-90% of the time Candida is a secondary opportunistic organism after protozoan (amoeba, giardia) infestation. (The same is often true of other microorganisms: Helicobactor pylori, Epstein-Barr Virus, etc.) Even women with recurring vaginal yeast: usually again the stronger critters within her body have not been found and medication, etc. is unable to work because her immune system is too weak because of the "hidden" protozoans.
"Probiotics" are not able to kill the stronger Protozoans. Despite nutritionists' claims, does it make sense that a weaker critter can kill a stronger one? Often it feeds them. Please avoid "soil-based organism" products. There are some that it may have helped? But I have helped people to get well for the first time in years, only to have them run out and buy one of these and then to get real sick again. Apparently there are critters in SBO that maybe belong in the soil and not in humans (with these weaknesses.) So probiotics is not (totally) what is needed. To find what critters are present and to find remedies that are safe and effective is what is needed. (More about this at the website cited below. There are no simple, one size fits all answers for these problems. Do not get angry that this is the way the world is. People don't get well because they think one pill will fix everyone and don't get individual kinesiology). 
Become the expert yourself. Many people should realize that they soon know much more than their physician about these matters and what works and what doesn't. 
Raw produce is where most people obtain and re-obtain their "critters." Organic is best (pesticide-free) but is full of Protozoan parasites as is regular produce but maybe to a lesser extent), because horse and cow manure is used as the fertilizer in organic produce. The manure is replete with Amoeba and Giardia as is everything from tropical climates, as is kissing pets and sometimes even your significant other. So it is easy to obtian and re-obtain these critters. It is also easy to get rid of them if the right thing is ever done. But this almost never happens.
People usually halt their diarrhea, constipation, stool and body odors, Gastrointestinal permeability (LGS) only after 100% elmination of protozoans (and secondary critters). Most people never attain this. Most people never even start this.
But the sad and the wonderful thing is that in a month or so, virtually everyone can get completely well. The exceptions are those that won't change their diet or that have dental problems. The latter people need dental work to make up for previous dentists. See "Tooth Truth" by Frank Jerome, DDS on what amlgam (mercury), any metals in the mouth, root canals and crowns do to the immune system.
If one does want a probiotic, there is Trenev Trio (aka Healthy Trinity). I have no financial or other connections to that company. This can help GI function and is readilly available at health stores or on theinternet; it's not a substitute for ascertaining and ridding the original problem.
See more on these matters at
There is an article "Why Most People Do not get Well"
And FAQs and testimonials. 
Then, forgive me, you can see the book decribed there "Allergies and Candida: with the Physicist's Rapid Solution, 4th Ed." (It's the only book on "Candida" to say that most "Candida" turns out to either be Protozoan parasites or is secondary to them. It also contains lots of kinesiology self-help techniques for rapid wellness.) But you could always see if your library will order the 4th edition of this book..
Please also save time and money and avoid the bogus kinesiology or acupuncture schemes that promise "immediate, permanent allergy cures." While some people feel better, it is because they are getting, often for the first time, some acupuncture meridian energy balancing. But this does not halt the permeability as it does nothing about the "critters" causing it. Don't be fooled. Learn to think about CAUSATION.
Be well.
Steve R 


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also tracy..any worsening of health from metrio? thanks
12 years ago
thanks for responding tracy.

may I ask how long your metriodozole treatment was for and if you saw any results?
12 years ago
Tracy Mac
Tracy Mac
The thing is that most of us have taken anti-parasitics prior to starting our HPIs as that is the standard protocol to kill off as much as possible before you put the good stuff in. I have taken metriodozole, which is an anti-parasitic 3 times in the last year.
12 years ago
Yes lots of other groups and best to pick themost relevant to post in if possible please. Any member can create a group from the main group page accessed from the groups menu tab at the top of the page. There is a 'create group' link top right of that page.

As for considering parasites when thinking about HPI I think you're right. Enteroviruses have also been implicated in chronic fatigue syndrome (and possibly other EIs) so possibly something else to think about...
12 years ago
Thanks Maff for the suggestions. I forget there are other forums and didnt know about creating my own.

I also think that parasites should be considered if one is thinking of HPI therapy, it is a possibility that HPI might not be successful unless parasites and other bacteria are first eliminated.
12 years ago
Hi True,

So glad that you have found treating parasites to be so beneficial for you!

Sorry to be a nag...great information you posted but not on the subject of HPI so ideally should have been posted in the Beating Candida! group...or even better you could create a group about treating parasite issues yourself.

Just trying to keep things on topic so people can more easily find the information they're seeking. Thanks!
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Article from the aforementioned practitioner:
Prof. Steven Rochlitz, who taught physics at two Universities in New
York, cured his own incurable, life-threatening Universal allergies
and chronic fatigue with the revolutionary, yet simple, methods he
created. He is the author of four books including Allergies &
Canadida: with the Physicist's Rapid Solution and Why Do Music
Conductors Live Into Their 90's?: The Simple Revolutionary Discovery
that can make You Live Longer, Increase Your Stamina and Stretch and
Normalize Your Blood Pressure In Minutes. He is the creator of
Heart-Integration, Meridian-Integration, Meta-Integration Exercises
and the Candida and Parasite Balances. He was also the first to
explain the causes of dyslexia and how all brain, integration
exercises (cross-crawls) work.


Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients > May, 2001 > Article

Breakthroughs for Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Allergic Disorders,
Candidiasis, Parasites and Permeability
Steven Rochlitz

Much of chronic, degenerative, physical and " emotional " illness is
ultimately caused by allergies. Specific recent maladies are known to
be intimately tied to allergies. These include Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia, Candidiasis, Parasitosis, environmental
illness, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). This article has
several goals. First to demonstrate the link between all these
maladies, secondly to hypothesize common cause(s), and thirdly, to
briefly describe a plan of action. As a physicist, this author
realizes that there are a potentially infinite number of " treatment "
options for an illness. However, only a methodology that deals with
the earliest possible cause(s) can be the most effective.

After researching the above maladies since the 1970's (and unfortunate
personal experience with them as well), it became clear to this
author, ten years ago, that there are common links in all these
illnesses. They are, in fact, variants of one disorder. I propose a
term, which encompasses these ills and their cause and treatment:
PPDEI: Parasitosis Permeability Disorder (with accompanying) Energy
Imbalance. The remainder of this article will clarify the factors in
this acronym.

All of these maladies have some set of severe food, chemical,
electromagnetic, and pollen allergies as the cause of much
symptomatology. Of course, fibromyalgia is the term that orthodox
physicians use for chronic fatigue and muscle/joint pain. In those
quarters, only drugs are considered for treatment and so those
patients often do not ever learn of their severe allergic states (and
blood sugar anomalies) until they see more holistic practitioners who
might then find the different types of allergies. In fact, this
kinesiologist realized years ago that some of the pain points listed
for " fibromyalgia " are none other than the Chapman neurolymphatic
reflex points that must be rubbed if wellness is to be attained!
(Rubbing these points can increase lymph flow to associated organs and
meridians. When these reflex points are out of balance, they are
painful and there can be general debilitation.)

Let us return to allergies which plague all the sufferers of these
linked maladies. The cause of the type of allergy we are discussing is
permeability. People afflicted with these maladies do not usually
possess the original, high-IgE, classical, allergic responses. They
suffer because their bodies have become hyper-permeable to the outside
world. The gastrointestinal tract is too permeable, allowing food
constituents to enter the blood improperly and cause reactions
directly, not through an IgE-mediated response. (Seemingly
paradoxically, a hyper-permeable gastrointestinal tract often
simultaneously leads to a lessening of absorbability of many
nutrients.) But the gastrointestinal tract can even allow pollens and
chemicals to enter the blood too! The breathing apparatus and the
skin, and their mucous membranes can become hyper-permeable also and
allow for chemicals (or pollens) to enter the blood through these
routes. (This is why we don't use the term, " leaky gut. " We believe
that more than just the gut is leaky, and permeability is a better
term.) Electromagnetic sensitivities, we shall learn, can have a
similar etiology to chemical sensitivities.

What causes these severe permeability states? Severe gastrointestinal
permeability may be caused by several factors. But the most frequent
cause is protozoan parasite toxins, usually arising from Entamoeba
histolytica or Giardia lamblia. With severe, immediate and " universal "
food allergies, the above amoeba will usually be causative.
Unfortunately both the usual medical stool tests and the one commonly
used by alternative practitioners have a great inability to detect
these protozoans. Only the rectal swab (Parrish-Bueno) test, or an
enlightened use of Advanced Kinesiology methods is accurate in our
experience. While some authors want to blame certain worms for all
illness, we have found this is rarely the case. Though liver flukes or
other worms are harmful to the human host and should be eradicated
when found, we have ascertained that worms do not usually cause severe
permeability and are relatively rare in comparison to amoebiasis or

Though intestinal parasitosis may be accompanied by diarrhea,
constipation, or foul stool odors, some people suffer from allergies,
environmental illness, MCS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candidiasis and
Fibromyalgia even though the amount of intestinal parasitosis may be
quite small and none of these intestinal symptoms need be present.
That is, in some people, the smallest amount of protozoan overgrowth
immediately triggers permeability and energy imbalance, and the other
changes cited in this article. But it is interesting to note that many
with food, chemical and electromagnetic allergies ignore their
diarrhea or constipation and thus the ultimate cause of their
problems. Once the gastrointestinal tract is hyper-permeable,
caffeine, sugar, wheat, dairy, corn and yeast/mold often cause severe
allergy or addiction or both, and should be completely eliminated.
Eating any food often may result in a severe allergic reaction. Many
sufferers end up eating foods everyday that were once safe and thus
the formerly, s afe foods become their worst foods unknowingly. Food
rotation thus becomes: necessary, though it is not a cure.

Vitamins, vitamin injections, and neutralizations often become
allergenic and are also seen here as not dealing with the cause of the
problem. Homeopathic remedies become problematic as they usually come
in sucrose, lactose or alcohol -- all highly allergenic. Two decades
of experience has also revealed that energy balancing alone -- whether
via kinesiology, or homeopathy, or acupuncture -- is insufficient to
kill off strong " critters " such as protozoan parasites. " Strengthening
the immune system " is the cry now heard continually. But we must never
lose sight of two facts. 1) That eliminating the parasite (or other)
toxins that are the cause of the weak immune system is the primary
goal, and 2) Specific, anti-parasite agents (herbs or drugs), not
general " immune boosters " are what is needed!

Now we have found that chemical and electromagnetic allergies usually
have a viral etiology. Epstein-Barr Virus (most frequently), or
Cytomegalovirus (CMV), or Coxsackie or Herpes variants or other
viruses, or all of these maybe the causative agent(s) for chemical and
electromagnetic allergies. Electromagnetic allergies may also arise
from mercury or other heavy metal toxicity. To detect heavy metal
toxicities, everyone should have a hair mineral analysis regularly. We
believe that nearly everyone has-the above viruses within themselves.
The problem only arises when one or more of these viruses runs
rampant. And the usual prerequisite for this type of rampant, viral
syndrome is none other than the same cause of severe gastrointestinal
permeability: protozoan parasite toxins. But we see one difference
between a sufferer of severe food, chemical and/or electromagnetic
allergies, and another sufferer who truly possesses only food
allergies. Both will have protozoan parasitosis and gastrointestinal
permeability. But the former will also have the viral syndrome as
well, while the latter will not. Only full antibody panels (or
Advanced Kinesiology) reveal the Chronic Epstein-Barr Virus, or CMV,
or Coxsackie, or Herpes presence or the immune response to them.
Unfortunately many who suffer from, and/or treat, chemical and
electromagnetic allergies have no knowledge of the causative factors
described above. It is common to read " chemical exposure causes
chemical allergies " and " electromagnetic exposure causes
electromagnetic allergies. " While we should avoid these unnatural,
toxic things as much as possible, it is not the exposure that causes
the sensitivities, otherwise the entire population would have them.
Most of the time, a sufferer feels the allergic responses to chemicals
or electromagnetic fields after s/he has developed overgrowths of (and
internal energy imbalance from) the above cited microorganisms!

Now Candida albicans continues to be blamed for almost everything by
some. But 80-90% of the time that such claims are made, chronic
Candidiasis either is not actually present, or has long ago been
killed off, or - if present - is secondary to protozoan parasitosis.
Of course, Candida albicans does lead to its own unfolding of specific
illness, which we have revealed even includes learning
disorders/dyslexia and ADD/ADHD. Indeed, in 1984, this researcher
hypothesized that acetaldehyde from Candida overgrowth in the mother
would be able to cross the placental barrier and affect the fetus'
brain resulting in corpus callosum anomalies by blocking acetylcholine
receptors therein and resulting in dyslexia and other problems. This
was called the RADH (Rochlitz Aldehyde Dyslexia Hypothesis). By 1989,
medical science proved that acetaldehyde (not the alcohol in alcoholic
beverages) does indeed cross the placental barrier and causes fetal
brain disorders! This led to warnings against pregnant women drinking
alcohol, now found in all bars and supermarkets in the USA. However,
those - including myself - who have written books on Candidiasis have
overplayed its role in causing allergic diseases. While even the
earliest (1988) edition of my " Candida " book included a parasite
section, it was not until 1991 that it became clear that most of the
time protozoan parasitosis occurs first and this causes the severe
permeability disorders and that Candidiasis (if present at all) is a
secondary, opportunistic organism.

Treating Candida with antifungals has been so ineffective, in part,
because the underlying parasitosis is not dealt with. The Candidiasis,
if actually, originally present would have been eradicated within a
month or so of antifungal treatment. But antifungals won't kill
protozoans. Some physicians still treat their patients for months,
even years, with newer, powerful, potentially-dangerous antifungal
drugs without any benefit because the original cause - protozoan
parasitosis - is never dealt with. Indeed, the manufacturers of some
of these antifungal drugs recommend a maximum 10-day trial due to
potential liver or kidney toxicity. But some physicians employ them
non-stop for many months! Candida dies much more readily than the two
protozoans cited above. The protozoans, when attacked, will enter the
cyst stage and become even more resistant to herbal or drug agents.
Candida is much weaker than these protozoans. e.g., both Kinesiology
and actual trials indicate that grapefruit seed extract is often
sufficie nt if only Candidiasis is present, but it is not strong
enough to combat protozoan parasites.

Just how parasite toxins cause the severe permeability states is
described in more detail in my book. Briefly, I hypothesized an
" improper potassium metabolism " induced by parasite toxins. (There may
also be a genetic predisposition with an overabundance of histamine
receptors on gastrointestinal cell membranes.) I have found that
taking extra potassium, though wise, will not be sufficient here as
this problem is an electromagnetic one whereby many of the body's
cells in effect lose the ability to recognize potassium while the
" gain " is turned too far up for sodium. A set of seven conditions then
shortly develops in many people: gastrointestinal permeability,
adrenal shock, pancreatic shock, serotonin (and/or other
neurohormonal) decrease or blockage, stomach acid/pepsin
insufficiency, secondary microorganism overgrowths, and severe energy
disturbance in the body (see below). Due to the permeability, parasite
toxins readily get into the blood and can affect any organ. The liver
and pancreas (blood sugar anom alies) may be overloaded in dealing
with these toxins. The brain is often seriously affected in specific
ways resulting in depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, paranoia,
autism. It is a joy to see the termination of these brain disorders
(as well as dyslexia, ADD/ADHD) when ecology and energy work are
performed on the actual causes of these problems.

It is crucial to be aware that one antiprotozoan herb commonly used,
Artemesia annua (wormwood), itself in many people strongly interferes
with the body's ability to recognize potassium. Since the parasite
toxins are already interfering with potassium recognition, this is a
very serious problem and has caused grave illness. We know of asthma,
suicide, and near-death reactions from this effect from Artemesia
annua. Those with an eastern European ethnicity often have this
intolerance to Artemesia annua or the even more potent and even more
potassium-interfering strain known as Artemesia annua vera. It is
important to realize that taking extra potassium does little here.
Many practitioners do not comprehend the electromagnetic nature of
this problem and might recommend extra potassium. It is almost
worthless for this problem. We have devised a special kinesiology test
for this Artemesia annua-induced potassium recognition problem - it's
not an " allergy. " If this test is not performed, we strongly advise
against using the Artemesia annua form of wormwood. I've found that
Artemesia absinthum does not usually cause this problem. This again is
especially important for those with any eastern European ethnicity.
Fortunately there are many other herbal remedies available now to
combat parasitosis.

We should also note here that " friendly flora " often feed and do not
displace the much stronger protozoans. (This is why so many people,
even after years of ingesting all forms of " friendly flora, " don't
have much, or any, in their guts. The stronger. " critters " have just
eaten them all along.) Friendly flora should, in some people, be
provided only after herbal or drug eradication of anomalous
overgrowths has been successful. We must also specifically caution
against " soil-based " microorganism ingestion. These microorganisms may
be totally unnatural to the human gut and may cause detrimental
overgrowths and severe illness on their own!

Why do we have the recent explosion of allergic-related disorders and
the severe permeability states? Why do we have the explosion of
(hidden) parasitosis? It is this author's hypothesis that the ultimate
cause of all these ills and their recent explosion may, for many, be
the lack of (sufficient) breast-feeding in infancy! Breast milk
contains protective antibodies that may, in effect, coat the
gastrointestinal tract for a lifetime - and/or make the
gastrointestinal tract less permeable to allergens and less
susceptible to parasite attachment and/or overgrowth. The absence of,
or an insufficiently lengthy breast-feeding process (at least six to
nine months), thus leads to a lifetime of susceptibility to protozoan
parasitosis and its subsequent permeability and subsequent
Candidiasis, viral syndromes, fatigue/fibromyalgia and allergic
disorders. Lack of (sufficient) breastfeeding can make parasitosis
inevitable. As cited above, there is also the genetic component to
these illnesses - a weakness for developin g parasite-induced
permeability. A weakened immune system, or digestive system, can allow
overgrowths of these organisms. The opposite is also especially true:
Perhaps nothing weakens the immune system as severely as the toxins
from parasites, and the permeability - and subsequent allergic
reactions - these toxins then cause. Lack of breast-feeding is, of
course, a relatively recent phenomenon brought on in the western,
" civilized " world by collusion between orthodox, medical physicians
and the drug industry in order to sell the scientific-sounding
" formulas " which lack so many nutrients and the protective antibodies.
But any factor, even later in life, that alters immunity can also lead
to parasitosis. As an example, the experimental vaccines that Gulf War
soldiers were forced to take by the Pentagon almost certainly has led
to parasitosis and environmental illnesses. Once gut or general
immunity is lowered, parasitosis will be practically a given for many
- especially those who were not breast-fed.

Another leading cause for the explosion of parasitosis-induced
permeability and subsequent chronic illness will be a shocker to many
in the holistic movement. This is raw, organic produce. Now we
continue to recommend organic produce, as pesticides have long been
linked in the etiology of degenerative, neurological disorders -
particularly Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. It is only the raw aspect
that needs to be altered for many people; especially those that were
not (or not sufficiently) breast-fed. Organic usually means that the
produce was fertilized with what comes out of the rear ends of horses
and cows. But, this is the focal point for the giardias and amoebas!
Much produce goes to industrialized nations from third world countries
where the animal manure is again the fertilizer. The recent " OneWorld "
trade pacts now forbid telling the consumer which is the country of
origin. Pesticide-free produce is great, but cook it to kill the
protozoans. Eat only cooked foods! Many practitioners, who treat
people wi th parasitosis, unfortunately do not warn their patients
that they must avoid raw produce indefinitely. Indeed, we have had
clients who were apparently perfectly healthy; some were even
breastfed. But shortly after they started eating much raw, organic
produce, these individuals ended up with severe allergies and often in
a disabled state. Certainly this scenario helps prove the, case
against eating raw, organic produce - at least for these people!

Many holistic practitioners recommend everyone eat much raw, organic
produce. So we often ask people to perform a gedanken (or thought)
experiment. Imagine the manure on top of a fruit or vegetable you are
about to eat. Now mentally subtract the fruit or vegetable and
visualize the raw substance left that you are about to eat. We ask, is
it natural and is it a long-term phenomenon for humans to eat animal
manure? We think not. But again it is the lack of breastfeeding and
other recent harmful phenomena that have lowered our immunities,
incapacitating our gastrointestinal tracts from being able to prevent
parasitosis. Leading parasitologist, Dr. Louis Parrish has stated
(once again contrary to much, popular holistic belief) that washing or
scrubbing produce in chlorine, or peroxide solutions will not kill
100% of the protozoan cysts. Regardless of drug or herbal therapy,
those who continue to ingest uncooked produce, juices, salads, etc.
will either be unable to completely eradicate the parasitosis or will
so on get it back.

Unfortunately many people think that because they may have once taken
some anti-parasitic agents, they were " cured " for all time. Of course,
the agent may never have been safe or effective, or the parasitosis
may have immediately returned because of the above dietary
" indiscretion, " or from water-borne organisms, or by kissing one's
pet, or from other factors. But the non-breast-fed individual must
ever more maintain sharp vigilance against ingesting new parasite
cysts, or else battle parasitosis again and again.

It is essential to recognize that once something terribly unnatural
has been done to an individual - here the lack of breastfeeding - that
individual may be different and weaker for the rest of his/her life.
And we cannot then declare that what is good for the rest of the
population - eating raw produce - must be good for such altered and
weakened individuals! The ultimate lessons are not to again allow
physicians or drug companies to alter the course of nature under the
false pretense of science, but in reality for their own profit; and
that alternative practitioners must be able to change, when warranted,
and not make the same mistakes made by the medical orthodoxy -
treating symptoms and not the cause; and treating everyone identically.

Now some will immediately say, " What about all the enzymes in the raw
produce? " First we note it is not the " rawness " of the produce we
object to. It is the prevalence of raw produce commonly purchased to
be fertilized with manure. Due to handling, though, any uncooked food
may contain harmful microorganisms. Sufferers of the above maladies
who never stop eating raw produce usually never get well! That answers
the question for these people. If- but this is a very big if - one
does not have these problems or the tendency to develop them, then by
all means eat the raw, organic produce.

Our advanced Human Ecology Balancing Sciences (HEBS) Kinesiology
breakthroughs actually enable the testor to ascertain which agents are
safe and effective against the person's parasite imbalance, even
before taking the agent. Ordinarily if the subject gets sick after
ingesting a supposedly helpful agent, the practitioner cannot know if
the subject is merely allergic to the agent, or if the reaction is the
die-off or Herxheimer reaction. So our Advanced Kinesiology can be
crucial in both rapidly ascertaining and eliminating this problem.

But we must always bear in mind the limitations of kinesiology or of
energy balancing. By itself, kinesiology cannot " cure allergies in
minutes " as some in the field of kinesiology have unfortunately, and
ignorantly, claimed in the last two decades. As a physicist, I can
state that it's easy to make an arm strong. But that is quite
worthless, as the cause of allergies - permeability - and the
permeability's cause 'usually parasitosis' is not addressed by
simplistic and bogus " allergy elimination systems. " Causality reigns
supreme at the macroscopic level in our Universe. Allergic reactions
cause meridian imbalance, not vice versa. While some energy balancing
may alleviate some symptoms, it is nonsense to claim that
acupuncture/acupressure treatments " cure allergies. "

People with the most intense, immediate or Universal allergies quickly
find out how bogus the now popular " allergy elimination " schemes are.
Others may feel a little better from the meridian balancing, or the
shock organ for the allergic reaction may be altered - thus fooling
the patient and the doctor. Or the subject may merely be mesmerized by
seeing his/her arm made strong in a bogus muscle test.

Sadly, as a kinesiologist, I must report that most of kinesiology is
bogus. I will explain in detailin the future just how the testor in
many " systems " affects the test result making it come out the way s/he
wants it to. It is also important to avoid those who claim to make
" permanent " cures or corrections with kinesiology/energy work. Any
energy state that is easily re-set may be easily turned off again --
usually by the ecological factors discussed in this article. Some
people (even numerous physicians who do this work and have come to us)
get so much worse after " allergy elimination treatment " because they
start eating allergic foods -- even toxic foods like sugar, coffee,
alcohol -- because they believe they have been " permanently cured " as
the muscle testing " proves " to them. It is fascinating to observe both
sick patients and their physicians ignore the patients' actual
symptoms because they believe the results of bogus muscle testing! " My
new symptoms can't be from allergies -- they were cured! " Or to hear
the words from the so-called allergy eliminator: " It hasn't held. " So
much for " permanent " cures. Of course, it's not that it " hasn't held. "
It never worked. You can't make toxic foods safe! Allergies can only
be halted if, and when, permeability is halted.

Nonetheless, an enlightened use of kinesiology can be crucial to
rapidly determine the cause and the protocol for the ills cited here.
This is what the HEBS System of kinesiology and ecology was created
for in 1983. We can't make up for not being breast-fed, but we can
ascertain what parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. we may be
harboring, and can find what is safe and effective in eliminating
them, and we can then eat only cooked food and make the other diet and
hygiene changes. Yes, we can finally, and completely, overcome,
environmental illness, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome, Candidiasis and Fibromyalgia, and food, chemical,
pollen, and electromagnetic allergies and all the other diseases that
are actually caused by these factors. We can get and stay well! Often
this can be achieved in weeks or months despite a lifetime of severe
illness and allergic states. But to stay parasite-free, everything
must be done right and must continue to be done right. It's very easy
t o get parasites back if one is not vigilant. However, once the
patient understands all this; s/he can readily eradicate them once
again, if necessary.

Finally, let us see what the " EI " or " Energy Imbalance " in our acronym
PPDEI relates to. Most sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Candidiasis, Fibromyalgia, allergies, environmental illness, MCS
(Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), etc. never learn the reason most
orthodox physicians may tell them " there is nothing wrong with you " --
when there most certainly is. The reason is that these poor people
suffer from tremendous energy imbalance, which is not detectable via
blood tests. These energy imbalances include the acupressure
meridians, the neurolymphatic system, the neurovascular system,
chakras, the spine, the cranium and other " energy systems. " One can
learn -- from our Allergies and Candida book how to optimize the brain
and heart in seconds with the Rochlitz brain and heart hemisphere
integration exercises. You can also learn to rapidly re-set blood
sugar imbalance, dizziness, brain fatigue, tired legs and many other
complaints. Thus the sufferers of the above maladies can actually feel
good again whi le they eliminate their " critters. " This is what we
mean by simultaneous energy and ecology balancing. One without the
other will not be effective.

Once the patient has this knowledge of allergies, parasites, and
self-energy balancing, they should have the ultimate responsibility
for their own wellness. However, we beseech physicians to change, and
learn these methods. Please also stop wasting the patient's time and
money with worthless lab(s) that cannot accurately test for the
presence of amoeba or giardia. Everyone would be wise to appreciate
both the value and the limitations of recent breakthroughs in kinesiology.

Thus we have seen how the acronym, PPDEI, for Parasitosis Permeability
Disorder (with accompanying) Energy Imbalance, describes the cause(s)
of the linked ills cited at the outset of this article, and their
major manifestations: permeability, allergies and energy imbalance.
The acronym also implies the two main treatments: 1. Eradicate all the
infectious microorganisms with eradication of protozoan parasites
being the primary but not the only goal; 2. Treat the energy imbalance
immediately with our kinesiology breakthroughs. Our self-help book,
written for patients and, doctors, Allergies and Candida: with the
Physicist's Rapid Solution, 4th Edition, expounds upon the research in
this article -- both the ecology and the energy balancing or
kinesiology. Allergies and Candida: with the Physicist's Rapid
Solution, 4th Edition is available from the author for $19.95 plus
$4.50 shipping.


Steven Rochlitz, Former Physics Professor President, Human Ecology
Balancing Sciences

COPYRIGHT 2001 The Townsend Letter Group
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12 years ago

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