A CFS patient's eyes opened to spiritual healing!

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I thought I'd start off discussions in this group with the story of having my own eyes opened to the reaility and potential of spiritual healing...


I became ill aged 11 and being of stubborn scientific/analytical mind and having had a non-religious upbringing,  when doctors told me that ME/CFS was untreatable I simply took that as fact and proceeded to ignore the genuine fact that I was ill. I pushed my body harder and harder to keep up with what I expected from it and from life and also to keep up with (or "beat") others around me. I kept this up through my teens, it worked at first but ultimately resulted in me being bedridden. It appears there is only so much the body can take!

Subsequently, I became desperate and started to listen to my mother who was more open to alternative medical options. I saw a well-known spiritual healer in the area and can only say it was the beginning of a spiritual awakening for me. I was sat in the middle of a large room on a simple wooden chair while the aged healer sat behind his large desk in the corner of the room. He asked me a few questions about my symptoms, told me ME/CFS didn't exist (which annoyed me greatly at the time!) and then we both sat in silence for 20 minutes. I quickly began to experience an upwelling of positive emotion, energy and an amazing sense of well-being. It was like I had been given a potent recreational drug yet the healer hadn't moved from behind his desk or spoken a word. I also experienced what is often referred to as a feeling of "oneness" with my environment and a higher power. Suffice it to say my experience with this healer didn't cure me, the positive results lasted only days. It did open my mind to a greater reality however. I obviously have no proof but I took my experience to suggest it is possible to transfer some kind of so far unidentified "vital energy" or "life force" from one human being to another, without even the need for physical contact. I did much reading on parapsychology, metaphysics and the like after this and became further convinced. I am now deeply interested in noetic science which seeks to tie intuitive knowledge with scientific knowledge.

While the healing session I described did not "cure" my ME/CFS it did "heal" me on levels I hadn't realised needed healing and it started me on a journey that I am truly grateful for.


Having come to somewhat of an impasse with how far along the healing path biomedical treatments can take me, due to both financial restraints and intolerances of treatments, I am now considering training in spiritual healing to open up another to help myself...and hopefully others as well.




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