Heavy Metal Detox and Chelation Support Heavy Metal Detox and Chelation Support

have heavy metal toxicity but cant do IV chelation what has worked for me

Discussion started by blueskies 11 years ago

Hi ,its been a year since I had a complete dental revision acording to the Higgins protocal. I mistakenly thought my troubles would be over.Boy was I wrong!

After the revision I went through a lot more.I tried chelation therapy by IV.It didnt agree with me.I broke out in strange rashes and simply put went physcotic.There is no other explanation for it but the IV solutions.even at 1 quarter the normal dose was too much for me.

The next thing I tried was infared sauna I could do that with moderation, too much just made me sick .

I also did oral chelation with a doctor ,he had me on chloreela ,wild bear garlic,andcilantro. I felt awful but it must have done some good,I also used coffee colonics.

Next was to get rid of the layersof micro organisms and parasites in my poor body this was acheived by herbal apex products.NO FUN!!

So after all of this and also working with a informational /energy medicine practitioner/chryopractor/herbal medicine I am feeling better ,although not great.

now am working on getting my thyroid and adrenalsand digestive trac to cooperate.

It doesnt go fast but it is better,like maff has quoted so many times on here "if your going through hell keep going"

Hope your jouney is smooth and peaceful.




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