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My writing  english is very bad, so it's very hard for me to explain what I want to say, so I apologize.


I had 9  relapses after  taking antibiotics against C difficile. It came after I took several antibiotics against several protozoas I had (cryptosporidium, blastocystis, dientameba).


I would like to do home infusions.


But my problem is the donor.

I think the quality of the donor is everything.

Also in terms of the risks form catching other infection, and in terms pf composition of his.


I don't want to risk myself.

I would like to do it, and know that maximum it will not  help. but not that it will deteriorate  me . Also my immune system is weak, and I'm afraid I won't survive other infections


I'm very afraid to catch something else from the donor-   protozoa, fungi, yeast, viruses, prions, etc.


It is impossible to declare a stool sample “safe” with current technology because:
* current laboratory testing  don't able to detect all possible pathogens (especially prions).

* lots of microorganisms science even didn't revealed  yet.

* there is a lot of false negative. even I who have C dififc, 50% have negative.

* viruses show up only in time windows, and not all the time

* the donor can   look healthy and not  exhibit any symptoms , but still  he is an asymptomatic  carrier of some  pathogen/s.



But still I believed there are ideal donors in this world.


But I don't have even good donor.

Because I live alone, so there is no person that I already "exchange" bodily fluids and microorganisms  in our daily co-habitation, or in the course of intimate relations.

And my remote relative and friends, all of them have all kinds of GI issues, or other chronic illnesses.


So I fantasize of ideal donors bank. People get paid,and that they are:
* have "excellent stool" (solid, formed, with good color and smell ) , and don't have any GI issue at all now , and in the last tears.
* have excellent health in general
* didn't take antibiotic in the last 2 years (yes, ideal…)
* go through repeated tests for each pathogen, and not just one of each test.
* "proved success"- that is, the stool from them already helped for sure some C diffic patients.


I'm willing to pay lots of money to get stool from such an ideal donor.
Because he is like a very sophisticated "biotechnology firm" that synthesize very precious biological materials. Synthetic skin or cornea also cost a lot. Stool is not different in my opinion.


But this is fantasy. in reality, as I wrote above, I don't have even a reasonable donor.


So I'm quite desperate, and don't know how to reach ideal donor.

I would  very want to hear if you have  idea for me what to do.





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I definitely recognize the challenges in choosing an ideal donor. It would be great if there were a donor bank or if we all had enough money to go to the Probiotic Research Centre in Australia (I keep thinking... If I won the lottery - the first thing I would do is go visit Dr. Borody). But the best you can do is 1) find someone that you think would be willing to help you 2) have them screened based on the recommended tests and 3) hope/pray for the best!

My donor and I were both concerned when I started out because we just didn't know if we missed some test or if I would (for some reason) get sicker. But I know for many of us here... We have been sick for a long time (decades), tried every supplement/treatment imaginable and this has been a last resort. I really think you have to feel like you are dying before you are willing to inject someone else's poo inside your own butt!

But Tracy said it best in her blog: "...for me it was a risk worth taking as I could not continue to live with the condition, in particular the mental symptoms. You will need to make your own decision."
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