has anyone had any success with fecal transplants?

Discussion started by clare 11 years ago

Hi All

Has anyone had success in doing a fecael transplant. just wondered if there was any success stories before considering  wiping out what is left of my good bacteria and trying something which may not work and end up in a worse state of health.


clare x


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Hi Clare,

I went through 10 days of it last summer and had no change, either positive or negative, unfortunately. My donor and I really put a lot of effort into it and a fair amount of money into testing as well but unfortunately it didn't work out for me.

Don't be put of however as others have had much more positive experiences, particularly Tracy Mac who has posted a lot about her experiences with faecal transplants (both at Dr. Borody's clinic in Australia and DIY at home). Best thing to do is read through the big discussions in this group if you can. Quite a few of the members have documented their experiences.

Good luck if you go ahead with it!
11 years ago

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