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LDN and Candida/yeast flares

Discussion started by Maff 12 years ago

I have been considering LDN for a while after realising its potential for modulating the immune dysfuction associated with my long-standing chronic fatigue syndrome. The increased endorphin levels themselves would no doubt also do wonders for my mood, pain etc.

I do have serious concerns however that have prevented me giving the treatment a trial. I monitored the Yahoo! Group for Autism and LDN (that Dr Jacqueline McCandless is involved with) for a number of months (don't ask me why I didn't join the general or CFS LDN groups!) and something that came up again and again was the fact that autisitc kids were having their gut Candida/yeast issues exacerbated by LDN, at least in the early stages. Explanations given were generally that as the immune system is "reset" there is a period where susceptibility to fungal infections may be greater before things settle down.

This would be a huge issue for me as intestinal yeast and bacterial overgrowth are currently the major drivers of my symptoms and I cannot afford any worsening at all. This is compounded by a previous foray into immunomodulatory treatment (EPD) which sure enough made things a whole lot worse in terms of my gut ecology.

If someone knowledgeable could offer and opinion on this (Not looking at anyone in particular - LDNNow peeps ;) ) I'd really appreciate it. LDN would otherwise seem like an ideal treatment to pursue.

Thanks in advance!


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