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  • Maff
    World maps showing inverse correlation between autoimmune disease and helminth infection
    Started by Maff Monday, 26 November 2012 2 Replies

    I would agree with basically everything you've said there Bella. I honestly don't remember where the maps I posted here came from (unfortunate lapse in referencing!) but this organisation tracks helminth infection rates and provides maps for individual countries - http://www.thiswormyworld.org/maps/by-worm/soil-transmitted-helminths With regards your comments about beneficial soil microorganisms and the hygiene hypothesis - researchers are actually now recognising that helminths, rather than being parasitic, are actually a part of the beneficial ecosystem of the human body themselves and act symbiotically with us, particularly in terms of immune regulation. There was a BBC documentary about microorganisms and their beneficial and pivotal role in human health last year and even this had scientists and medical doctors talking about helminths in a positive light. You can actually get a 'helminthic probiotic supplement' in the UK now. It was developed at a major university and then the researchers spun-off a company to distribute the product. I forget the details but a friend of mine did purchase a few pots and gave them a go so I'll get in touch with him and ask for details and how it worked out for him. All of this certainly adds weight to the hygiene hypothesis, or an updated version. I hope to try helminthic therapy myself shortly and the supplement seems by far the easiest first step on this road. I'll let you know if I try it also.

  • Maff
    Please share your helminth therapy experiences
    Started by Maff Monday, 26 November 2012 1 Reply

    I was just going to ask you if you had experience with this. I would like to try but they charge a lot for little of worms. Wish someone infected already just send me water that he dipped in it his poo before. I Would throw it on the floor and step on it the natural way for hookworms more or less