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  • jamison
    Does NAET work?
    Started by jamison Tuesday, 20 September 2011 2 Replies

    I have always had a similar reluctance to try the more esoteric alternative treatments Jamison but like you have found with NAET, I too have been surprised to find real benefit. I was badgered for a long time to try meditation but resisted assuming it to be a pointless exercise. Only once I tried a form that was a good fit for me did I see its potential. In fact, the first time I tried it I was overwhelmed and intuitively knew that this was something I would be doing for the rest of my life...7 years later that is still true. I think ME/CFS and other invisible illnesses have a habit of opening our minds ;) Anyway, it's fantastic to hear that you have seen such tangible benefits from your series of NAET treatments with desensitisation to various allergens and the tiredness you associate with the healing state. I hope the current "symptoms" involving your swollen glands are just a part of the healing process and lead to further benefits. I too would be very keen to hear from others who have tried NAET. I have had Dr. Nambudripad's book 'Say Good-Bye To Illness' on my bookshelf for years but never actually been for a NAET session to see if it could benefit me - mainly due to financial reasons as always! It would be good to hear some more positive stories to spur me on to take the plunge perhaps...